Buffer – Automatic Tweet Posting and Scheduling

Buffer is one of those tools that can come in handy for any Twitter user, but it’s especially useful for busy people who don’t have the time to tweet as often as they’d like. One of the keys to building a great network on Twitter is to constantly share useful information with your followers. This is what Buffer allows you to do. You can customize your own schedule of times for tweets to be posted and simply add tweets to your Buffer queue to be automatically posted at those times. The free account is pretty limited, but it still allows for great balance in keeping your account active.

Buffer tweet schedule.

Choose Your Tool of Preference

In order to add tweets to your Buffer queue, you’ll need to chose your tool of choice. There are currently extensions for Chrome and Safari, as well as a bookmarklet. Even though you can add tweets right from the Buffer website, it’s a lot easier to use one of these tools so that you can add anything you find while browsing.

Choose Your Tweet Times

Buffer will already have some default times set for you, but you can customize these times to better suite your needs. It’s probably best to choose times that you’re less likely to tweet so that you don’t have an overload of tweets going out at once. With a free account you can have a maximum of 5 times in your tweet schedule.

Add Tweets to Your Queue

With a free account you can only have a maximum of 10 tweets in your queue at any time. When you find something you want to share, click on the buffer icon or use the bookmarklet. The Buffer tweet box will appear as an overlay over your browser window. You’ll be able to customize the text and a short link will be included. If you upgrade your account. Once you’re satisfied with your tweet, you can click the “Add to Buffer” button and you’re all set. Your tweet will then go out at the closest time that you have set in your account settings.

Adding Tweets to Your Buffer Queue.

View Your Tweet Analytics

Another great feature of Buffer is the ability to how many people your tweet has reached, how many clicks your links have gotten and how many retweets you’ve had for each tweet. If your tweet was retweeted, Buffer will take into to account the number of followers the retweeter has and include it in the number of people your tweet has reached. This is great for seeing what your followers like and don’t like so that you can adjust your tweets accordingly.

Buffer tweet analytics.

Upgrade Your Account

Buffer also offers Pro and Premium accounts. The Pro account seems like a pretty good deal for only $5/month. You can have up to 50 tweets in your queue and add up to 3 Twitter accounts. You can also use your own Bit.ly details so that you can keep track of link clicks through Bit.ly as well.

Buffer Pricing

Buffer is definitely a must have tool that you’ll always have a use for – at least as long as Twitter is relevant. What do you think of Buffer?

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