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HostGator Review & Coupon Codes

Posted by on 22nd Mar 2011 | 10 comments

Over the past several years I have a lot of different hosting solutions for my web sites and even had my own set of 20 dedicated servers inside of a datacenter when I was running some very high traffic web sites. I am now proud to say that BloggingTips.com is being hosted with HostGator.com, one of the largest and most successful web hosting services on the web!

HostGator Review

Personally, I don’t care about the price of web hosting as long I get the best quality service in regards to up-time and support. HostGator offers three different solutions for support, which are Phone, Chat and Support Tickets. When transferring BloggingTips.com over to my new HostGator server, I just needed to setup a support ticket and provide them with my server information and they made the whole transfer process very easy. The support ticket system is great for tasks and non-immediate issues, but if you need to take care of something immediately, just use the HostGator Chat Support and you will be in contact with someone in no time. You also always have the phone support, but I personally prefer email and chat support.

As for Hosting, I haven’t had any problems or issues. I’m currently running off a VPS 9 plan, which is one of their high end packages as I’m hosting some large sites and blogs. No matter if the size of your web site or budget, there is a hosting plan for you, starting at just $3.71 a month. Once setup with your own hosting package, you can choose between a CPanel or Plesk control panel, I went with CPanel as that’s what my previous server was running off of.

For smaller hosting packages, you also have a ton of options with the HostGator one click installations. This is perfect for installing wordpress / blogs on your servers. I also have a “Baby” hosting plan with HostGator where it only costs $6.36 a month, and I simply run a bunch of small niche blogs. This was extremely easy to setup since I didn’t have to manually add wordpress to each site, instead it was just a simple one click install.

The screenshot above is a preview of the “Quick Install” area of a HostGator account. From here you can easily setup different paid software, blog software, forum, content management, image gallery systems and more. No more annoying uploads and installs, this area can do it in one click.

HostGator Coupons

Another great feature of HostGator is how they accept online coupons. Use coupon code “BLOGGINGTIPS25” and you will instantly save 25% on your web hosting package. This coupon is good for any hosting package on their web site and is a limited time promotion. You will also receive a free $100 Google Adwords credit that can be used for advertising your new web site or blog.

Exclusive HostGator Free Blog Setup Offer!

In addition to our 25% off coupon, we are also running a promotion you won’t find anywhere else. Since we are currently using HostGator as our web host, we wanted to share the love and experience of our new host. If you would like to join HostGator and use our “BLOGGINGTIPS25” coupon to save 25% on your order, we will also install wordpress on your web site for free in addition to top wordpress plugins such as All In One SEO, W3 Total Cache, Show Top Commentators and Akismet.

Once you order your new hosting package with HostGator, use our contact form to submit your confirmation email and server information and we will quickly install WordPress and plugins on your server so you can be up and running with your blog in no time!

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at ZacJohnson.com, as well as the founder of BloggingTips.com. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook

10 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Sabrina on 23rd Mar 2011

    I agree that Hostgator is a great webhost to use. They are very affordable and they have excellent customer service. Their site is very user friendly and understandable even for someone who is not tech savvy.
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  • Posted by Rick Rouse on 23rd Mar 2011

    I’ve been using Hostgator’s services since 2003, and I can agree completely with your analysis of their product and service. When I needed to switch my primary site from a shared plan to a dedicated server, I placed my order and in less than 24 hours the entire site had been transferred over and it was up and running with nary a minute of downtime. Brent himself sent me an email telling me thar everything was complete. Count me in as a VERY satisfied Hostgator customer.

  • Posted by insibir on 24th Mar 2011

    I my view, Hostgator – is one the webhost that worth to use.

  • Posted by jmdlaw on 24th Mar 2011

    Host Gator is great for fixing problems that may occur within no time. They also never complain when we use our coupons. Overall I am glad that they have been around for a while so we can have a good service provider with dependable high quality hosting.

  • Posted by Rakesh Kumar on 25th Mar 2011

    I have personal experience with Hostgator and must say no one can compete it.

  • Posted by Kader on 26th Mar 2011

    Hostgator is a great webhost in the world
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  • Posted by buzzIT on 27th Mar 2011

    Nice to know that hostgator is awesome. I am currently using justhost and am really happy with it.


  • Posted by Tom Mulvey on 28th Mar 2011

    Hi there

    Does the offer include a premium theme from BloggingTips?


    • Posted by Zac Johnson on 28th Mar 2011

      Sure, why not. I will include any of the premium themes that were created and for sale through BloggingTips.com. Shoot me an email using the contact form and with your domain/order number and I'll reply with the theme.

  • Posted by Seo Company India on 1st Apr 2011

    Host Gator is very good for fixing problems that may take place within no time. They never protest while using own coupons.