Lots of news content writers need to be aware of.

There’s always something going on in the content writing world that good content writers should stay abreast of and one of the more interesting developments concerns legal responsibilities for people who work in the content field or host websites. It serves as a warning to any SEO consultants that it’s important to read the copy that you’re working on and be very careful to make sure that you’re not impinging on any laws. Here’s what happened recently.


It seems that a website was being hosted and content done by an SEO consultant that was selling counterfeit goods without their knowledge and a judge in South Carolina actually ruled against the Internet marketing firm saying it should have been aware of the information that it was hosting. Here the judge ruled that SEO consultants and content writers cannot always be reliant on third parties to police the legality of the websites they are working on. Really a lot of it comes down to good old-fashioned common sense and a quick Google search will be able to tell you right away if you’re working with a nefarious client.


In other news it’s no surprise to those who are following this latest development that mobile apps are taking off in all kinds of different directions at the same time. One of the latest applications to come  out in January in the San Francisco area is called fire department. After letting the application know whether you have CPR training or not it passively monitors your position without draining your phone’s battery. Should someone call into the local fire department needing lifesaving CPR immediately, this new application can put you on the spot where you can save a life.


Another interesting article this week talks about all the buzz around social media marketing and ties in nicely with the surge in mobile applications that are fueling this kind of advertising. It seems that one of the big things business needs to do now is determine their target markets by looking at the level of social media they use. For example, 52% of users have watched YouTube, 42% have read blogs, 19% have downloaded podcasts. These people are called watchers and this stat comes in handy when you’re trying to determine the people you need to start targeting for advertising.


Another division here ranks people as commenters where a percent have rated a blog and 22% have made a comment on newsgroup or site. Understanding the categories here will help people to be able to target the right audience as far as advertising goes. Some of the bigger name companies that know how to use social media well according to this research include H&R Block who put out a section on their Facebook page giving interesting tips to people about their taxes at the right time of the year. The need here is to find the audience and then monitor how they react to the stimulus presented in the social media platform.

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