How to Consistently Develop Great Content as a Blogger

The major problem most bloggers face is with developing content. While getting traffic to your blog can be fun and making money from your blog can be an exhilarating experience, creating great content consistently can be really difficult. A lot of people try to avoid this problem by saying they only need to get traffic before they can focus on creating great content as this will serve as a source of encouragement. Believe me, I’ve been there and it can be really difficult seeing all traffic you’ve labored for diminish as a result of your blog not being updated consistently. I have taken a look into the problems I’ve experienced creating great content and my experience writing a total of over 500 posts last year (both as guest posts and on my blog), this post will be giving you some tips into creating great content consistently.

Don’t Think About the Outcome

I have noticed this is where most bloggers fail when it comes to creating great content. Many of us write because we’re motivated by the outcome of what we write and nothing else, that is why you see a lot of us striving to write posts as long as any other thing. You won’t be able to write great blog posts consistently unless your motivation to write is your burning desire to help people because one thing I’ve noticed about blogging and writing is that things always go wrong. If your motivation for writing is the expectation of your post going viral you will find it very difficult to move forward because in most cases a very small percentage of great blog posts go viral. Forget about every other thing, see writing as what you enjoy doing and what you’re doing to help other people and you will reach heights you never expected to reach.

Don’t write long posts because you want more traffic, forget about everything else and let your posts come naturally – you will get far more results than you can ever imagine through this.

Write About Your Passion

Writing is exactly like talking but it is done in a different way. If you ask someone who knows a lot about football and watches football games a lot to come and talk to you about his favorite club the fellow will keep on talking to you from morning to night and it will be very difficult for you to stop him. Someone who knows nothing about football (like me) will be just a fool in the same situation and will be unable to move forward. Being a successful writer is all about you understanding what you’re best at and focusing your efforts on it.

It might be a little difficult for some of us to know what we’re passionate about but I think the best way to go about it is to look for what you will be doing if you’re unable to do anything else. What will you give up every other thing for and what do you find yourself talking about every time?

Write, Write and Write

Practice truly makes perfect. It doesn’t matter how great you think you are about a thing you won’t go far if you don’t give it a try. I find it easy to write consistently because writing is now a part of my life, there are days I have written as much as 15 posts and I can write on any topic I can think about…this is only a result of consistent practice.

The best way to improve your writing skills by practice is by writing for other people. Look for the best blogs in your niche, look for the biggest article directories on the internet and then write as much as you can for them – by doing this you will be able to get your name in front of others while at the same time improve your writing skills.


The best part of this is writing as often as you can. It doesn’t matter how many advice you take or how many articles you read about being a better writer you can’t be a better writer unless you practice it regularly. The above are some tips to help you be a better writer.

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