View All of Your Favorite Content in One Place with Faveous

If you use sites like Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to find and favorite interesting content then you’ll love Faveous. Right now Faveous is a very basic service in its “first private alpha,” but if you check out the features page you’ll see that there are a lot of new things coming soon. What it does is import all of your favorites (and “likes” from Facebook) into a single location so that you have easy access to them.

Connect to Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on Faveous.

Connecting your desired services is easy and takes only a minute to authorize each one. If you want to manually add content from other sites not listed above, you can do so via the bookmarklet or Chrome extension. Content added manually will be displayed on the Faveous tab.

Timeline view on Faveous.

Your content will begin importing right away and you can view all items together or separately by choosing a tab. The search box on the right side of the page is also a nice touch because you can search through all of your favorites and find exactly what you’re looking for. Right now there is no way to actually organize your favorites, but that is coming soon. Honestly, I think it’s fine without that feature since there is the ability to search, but some may feel differently.

As I mentioned above, Facebook items are not actual favorites, but “likes” on videos, links and pages. If you’re visiting a blog and “like” an article, things like that will be imported as well. Faveous does not to import likes on statuses and comments.

Right now, the only option for each item is to delete it. Clicking on the Google Reader, Facebook and YouTube items will take you to the actual page on that service. Unfortunately, the only things clickable on Twitter content are links included in tweets (not usernames).

On a final note, I feel that Faveous has staying power and potential. We have enough services out there that let us view all of our content and very few that let us focus just on our favorites. Users want a site that is easy to use and doesn’t require too much work and Faveous offers just that. Why bookmark content when you can have it automatically imported from the social network itself? The latter method is definitely more convenient and helps to increase productivity.

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