5 Solid Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is one of the most important things you need to succeed as a blogger because traffic is what make the sale, brings about an increase in subscriber and traffic is what brings about opportunities. It doesn’t matter how great your knowledge of monetization is or what kind of influence you have; if you don’t have enough traffic to your blog your blog can’t go anywhere. This post will be giving you five solid ways to get traffic to your blog.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best and most effective ways to get traffic to your blog and it is one of the things that helped me build a successful blog from scratch to  zero in less than one year.

While guest blogging is great, a large percentage of the people guest blogging nowadays are getting little to no results from their guest blogging efforts because they don’t know how to go about it. The majority of the guest bloggers we have only think about getting traffic to their blogs and in other to achieve this they don’t even care if the blog they’re submitting a guest post to and its readers benefit or not.

Your guest post should be focused on two things; what you gain and what the readers of the blog you’re writing for gain. Do your best to put your best into your guest posts because this will increase the chances of your guest post becoming more successful while at the same time increasing the number of visitors that come through to your blog.

2. Article Marketing

Even though this particular method is overlooked it has been in existence for a very long time and it is also a very effective way to get traffic to your blog. Many people miss it when it comes to article marketing because they obsess over the number of article directory they can get a link from instead of the quality of the article directories. Getting the best result from article marketing is not about quantity but quality; it is important to consistently submit your articles to only 5 top article marketing sites that bring results instead of just submitting your articles to numerous article directories for the link they give – not all links are equal and as far as link building is concerned the principle that works is the fewer the better.

3. Online Contests

This method is so powerful and effective but very few people are using it. I have seen a blogger who was able to build his blog from a fairly new blog to a highly  successful blog in less than a year only using this principle. People love free things, especially if cash is involved, and contests can be a great way to create more attention for your blog.

Contests that bring results are carefully and creatively planned and they’re not just run for the sake of it. There is no point in running a contest if you won’t gain anything. When trying to run a contest you should also make sure you try your best to get as many sponsors as possible while making your prize very high – the more irresistible your prize is the more successful your contest stands to be.

4. Blog Commenting

I used to underestimate this particular traffic generation tactic when i was a new blogger but i have now learned the secret to successful blog commenting and there are blogs that have sent me thousands of visitors only from my blog comments. Blog commenting for success is not about being fast or hardworking but about being smart. You will hardly see me comment on blogs nowadays but the 2-3 blogs I comment on send me hundreds of visitors monthly.

While traffic from blog commenting can be really great i have discovered that the best way to make sure you get the best from your blog commenting efforts is by making sure you’re not commenting on a post for the sake of the traffic you will get; if you love a post and you feel like contributing to it make sure you say your mind, but if not, keep shut. A lot of people make a great mistake of commenting on several blogs for the sake of traffic and the end result is that this people get very limited traffic that stops when they stop commenting on those blogs – quality traffic is the one that keeps on coming even long after you’ve stopped doing what you did to get it.

The secret to get the best from blog commenting is to select the blogs you will be commenting on wisely and make sure you do your best to contribute to the post, not reduce from it.

5. Social Networking

Everybody are talking about the importance of social media and how it can help you improve your online business but it is funny a lot of people are not using this particular tactic to the best. One of the mistakes i so much regretted in my blogging career is not having a facebook fan page earlier; this mistake costed me a lot of fans and traffic and I have now realized that no social media outlet is useless. It doesn’t matter how you hate a particular social network or how ignorant you are about it the truth is you can tap into it and get more traffic from it; why let that traffic waste? Facebook has over 500 million users in the world and not tapping into that user base will be one of the greatest mistake an internet marketer will make; twitter also has a lot of users and your business can experience more than expected if you can tap into it.

Don’t see a particular social media outlet as useless or irrelevant if your users spend a large percentage of their time on it – you will get an amazing result by tapping into it.

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