The Times They Are A Changin’…Again

By Rob Starr | Blogging

Jan 23

People who do business on the Internet or actually run a company in cyberspace soon get used to the idea that what’s the norm one week will crumble and blow away like dust the next. There are no other traditional values on the web except for maybe the fact that the only way to get really good leverage with any search engine optimization techniques or other kinds of advertising you use is with good content.

For those of you who think I’m just harping on and on or promoting my own services, I can still rest my case with the recent article that was forwarded to me from It seems that Google has fresh plans to crack down on low-quality content and just general spam that brings down the overall opinion of text that gets written on the Internet.

“We have seen a slight uptick of spam in recent months, and while we’ve already made progress, we have new efforts underway to continue to improve our search quality,” Matt Cutts, a principal engineer at Google wrote.

That means once again that you’re going to need professional content and an expert at the helm who knows how to couch and link proper keywords around text to entice your readers to take action and be driven in the direction you want them to go. There’s little doubt now that the Internet after 10 years has become a viable form of commerce and the people who write for it on a continual basis have been at the forefront of the burgeoning industry.

However there are more changes on the horizon than just with what gets written and these include the vehicles that will be the predominant way you see content. Recent statistics point to the fact that there are 234 million Americans using mobile devices and a study by Deloitte also points to the fact that the PC isn’t  the only kid on the block anymore when it comes to IT devices that get  the message out.

The applications industry  proves  the point as well with the Apple App Store, Nokia Ovi Store, Google Android Market and BlackBerry App World all doing brisk business . The Google Android Market has grown six times to about 130,000 applications that  are available on the market today.

It all means that mobile advertising will become even more of a must in the coming year than it has been before. Getting the word out on the goods and services that you’ve got for sale will mean that you’ll need to be acquainted with this technology because even business heavyweights like Deloitte are predicting that the tablet will replace the PC soon as the preferred method to get information for executives on the go.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that the times they are a changin’ again and if you want to stay ahead of that ever shifting and bending technology curve so you can get to the clients you need to, you’ll need to get good content and the latest mobile applications working together.

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Jane January 23, 2011

The change with treating spam is a must. The internet is getting overwhelmed by spammy content with a motive to get ranked in search engines and building links.

Yes, getting the site ready for mobile devices is a must; so is the thing with mobile advertising. That will be a boom.

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dotCOMreport January 25, 2011

Writing good quality SEO content takes a lot of research and hard work. If a business does not have any extra time to spare, a professional service is definitely the way to go.

Patti Stafford January 28, 2011

Good post Rob,

I'm not quite ready to jump on the mobile band wagon, although I do offer a free report on my website pertaining to mobile marketing. For me personally, I don't like to use my cell phone for the Internet–unless I don't have any other access at the time.

My target market is not the younger generation who's using all of these mobile devices, but I do need to join the 21st century sooner or later and set my sites up for mobile readers.

Thanks for sharing this. If we don't keep up with the changes of the times we will be left behind.


bogvar February 1, 2011

Cloud computing is around the corner; so we have to deal with a new chalenge.

Catherine February 9, 2011

Thank you for sharing this idea. It will help a lot in .this kind of business.

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