Monthly Archives: December 2010

Dec 19

Solid Web Content Writing Tips

By Rob Starr | Productivity

Even when you’ve been writing web content for a while it’s always a good idea to take a step back and read an article or two that will help you refresh the techniques that make for effective web copy. Even if you come to working on the Internet from another discipline like journalism or even […]

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Dec 16

Is Blogging Really on the Decline?

By Jonathan Bailey | Blogging

An article on Mashable today discussed a study by Pew Internet that broke down the online activities by age groups, starting with as young as 18 and working up to 74+. Many of the results were not surprising. Email was an almost uniform activity across every age group, as were searching and getting news online. […]

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Dec 12

News From The Social Media World

By Rob Starr | Internet News

There’s always lots of new and interesting things going on in the world of social media and it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at this Internet phenomenon as a social medium or the new way that businesses is doing business, it’s a good idea to keep involved with what’s going on. And one experiment involves […]

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