Publishing an Ebook on Amazon? Your Questions Answered.

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Dec 15

On December 7th, I crossed off a goal on my career list – to publish an ebook on Amazon. After I got through the instructions, it was pretty easy by the way. I can now upload one in as little as 15-30 minutes (quicker if it wasn’t for my Type A personality that forces me to try to get everything perfect).

Anyway . . .

After I got my ebook published on Amazon, there were a few things I wished I’d known that would have made the experience much better. Here, I want to give you the heads up so that you can relax and enjoy the accomplishment.

Your Amazon Ebook Publishing Notice

The guidelines had said that my book would be published in 24-48 hours. I kept waiting to receive a notification from Amazon in my inbox that would tell me that it was live. So while I wasn’t sweating it out waiting, I did want to know that I was indeed a published Amazon author.

This WAS a major career milestone.

Well, my sister found my ebook on the site and forwarded the link to me. She had published one the same day I did – yes, we were racing and she won by a couple of hours L).

How to Find Your Self-Published Ebook on Amazon

You have to log into your Amazon account via the DTP* publishing interface (Amazon’s ebook publishing interface) and click on “Reports”. This is where you can track what’s going on with your ebook, eg, what stage it’s at in the publishing process, to see if you’ve made sales, the list of your titles, UK sales reports, etc.

Just know you will NOT receive an email from Amazon to your email account. You have to log in to your Amazon account.

FYI, DTP is the acronym for Digital Text Platform.

Your Amazon Ebook Product Description

Once my ebook went live, the product description was not there. I was like, “What’s up with that?” I started to upload it again thinking that maybe that would help (I know I provided it, so that wasn’t the problem).

But, I have a publishing background and something intuitively told me not to do that. Sure enough, I went hunting around in the ebook publishing forum on Amazon and found one response that said that the product description is usually published a day or two after the ebook itself goes live.

AND, it went on to further say in that post that if you keep re-uploading, it will DELAY it being published that much longer.

So, if you see your ebook published and there’s no product description there (and you know you’ve provided one), don’t sweat it. It’ll follow in a couple of days. Just relax and enjoy the fact that you’re now a worldwide, published author!

How to Publish an Ebook on Amazon – The Quick and Easy Way

Here are the easy-to-follow instructions on how to publish an ebook on Amazon.

And, as I clicked into my Amazon ebook publishing account to get some info on this post, my second ebook is almost live on the site. Over the next year, my plan is to publish at least 50 titles on the site – but that’s a subject for another post.

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Dean Saliba December 16, 2010

I'm in the early stages of writing my first book and I am very happy to find out that I will be able to publish my book (in pdf form) on Amazon. When I first started writing it they told me that they only published books that had ISBN numbers associated with them.
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dotCOMreport December 16, 2010

Wow, Congrats Yuwanda! This is a huge milestone. Thanks for sharing your experience with us; working on a book now and hope to be published real soon.
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Yuwanda Black December 21, 2010

@Dean: Yeah Dean that's great news. This was a real stumbling block for me a few years ago. Thank goodness it's so much easier now. Good luck with getting yours done.

@dotCOMreport: Thanks for the kudos. I was determined to get it done this year; now, I'm on a roll. To date, have 4 up with plans for at least 50 more next year. And keep plugging away at your book, you'll get there. Good luck!
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    Barbara Hyde February 21, 2011

    50 more next year? Does this mean that people are buying your ebooks? Sure sounds like it.
    yay! Thanks a lot for your input and info. Very informative!

VSA-AU January 8, 2011

It is great. Thank you for sharing it with us.
We are just going to publish an eBook within 2 weeks and this information helped a lot.

Do you know, remember how many days did it take to have your eBook's description visible?
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Coralie February 17, 2011

You stopped me from reading your blog with an ad for blogging — where is the logic?

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