Sort Tweets by Relevance and Importance with Cadmus

Sort Tweets by Relevance and Importance with CadmusHow many times have you looked at your Twitter timeline and wished that there was an easier way to get caught up on just the important tweets that you may have missed? Well Cadmus aims to fix that problem for you. You may be familiar with Cadmus as a plugin for Seesmic or as an addition to the TweetAgora iPhone app, but it’s also an awesome standalone Web tool.

What Cadmus does is “manages your stream in real-time by displaying the most relevant content since the last time you checked in.” It does this by “placing the most important tweets at the top.” If you want to learn more about the specifics of the Cadmus algorithm, check out Twitter Conversations in Cadmus. So, what’s so great about Cadmus?

Supports Other Services

You can add your FriendFeed account to Cadmus by entering your username and key. This allows you to post updates and comments to FriendFeed from within the site. You can also add your favorite RSS feed to Cadmus for easy access; you can enter each URL individually, or upload an OPML file. RSS feeds do not have any functionality within Cadmus, they are simply listed so that you can click on them and view the actual RSS feed in a new tab/window.

Show/Hide Comments

It’s nice that you can view all comments/@mentions to a tweet with the click of an icon. Items that have comments will have a number displayed to the show/hide icons. You can click it to see what others are saying and also add your own comment/@mention.

Show/Hide Comments in Cadmus

Related Posts

For some tweets you may also see “Related Posts” and a number next to it. Clicking on this will show you the same item that has been posted by other Twitter users and FriendFeed users – if you have added it as a service. You can also add comments to these items; your comment can be posted to Twitter or FriendFeed.

Related Posts on Cadmus


The share button allows you to retweet on Twitter or repost items on FriendFeed. There is a drop-down menu that allows you to choose which account to share on. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to share on both at the same time.

Post status udpates on Cadmus


Trending topics on CadmusAs I already mentioned above, Cadmus is in real-time – no refreshing needed. If however you don’t like this feature, you can use the pause/play button at the top right to stop the real-time updating. This button is found next to the “Post” button, which lets you post your own tweets on Twitter and updates on FriendFeed.


The best feature on Cadmus, in my opinion, is the ability to view trending conversations and personal trending topics. I am one that has gotten so fed up with the Twitter trending topics, that I rarely pay attention to them anymore. Cadmus fixes the issue by making trending topics personal.

You can view the post popular conversations from the last 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 3 days, or last week. This makes it really easy to jump into conversations and see what you have been missing. Personal trending topics are just like Twitter trending topics, except they only relate to the users that you’re following. This makes it easy to see the most discussed topics among your friends and lets you participate accordingly.

Twitter Lists

Lastly, it’s nice to have access to your Twitter lists within Cadmus. Since lists are great for organizing users by category or importance, this is an even handier method of viewing the most important and relevant tweets. If you have a Twitter list of all your friends or favorite users, you can go directly to the people that matter to you. So as you can see, Cadmus is definitely great to use in addition to your Twitter lists.

Final Thoughts

Do you think Cadmus has longevity in the expanding world of Twitter tools? I definitely think so. I know there there are similar tools out there that do what Cadmus does, but with its elegant yet simple UI and strong features you really can’t deny how useful it is.

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