Eclipse Link Cloaker for Affiliate Marketers

Veterans of the Internet marketing game usually provide some common tidbits of advice. They’ll tell you that it’s important to build a good mailing list, for instance. Many of them will also tell you that cloaking your affiliate links is probably a good idea too. This serves several purposes, all of which can help you make more money online.

This can sound like a daunting task for even intermediate affiliate marketers, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Eclipse Link Cloaker is designed to be the “easiest way to instantly cloak, track and manage all of your affiliate links.” Oh, and it also claims to “prevent lost commissions” too.

An Affiliate-Minded WordPress Plugin

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WordPress is one of the best content management systems on the Internet and it’s great for more than just blogging. Affiliate marketing is one such scenario and this link cloaker fits right into that niche.

In a nutshell, it will take your affiliate link and mask it behind your own domain. These cloaked links conceal your affiliate code, since some visitors don’t trust affiliate links. This way, it looks much more natural and you can prevent dishonest folks from inserting their own affiliate codes into your links.

The plugin effectively comes in three parts, all of which are accessible under the “Link Cloaker” subsection that is created in the WordPress settings menu.

The first is Link Cloaking, shown above. Various options are made available to you, like whether you want to automatically cloak all links or if you want to use selective cloaking. You can also define the link prefix, exception list, cloaking type (301 permanent redirect, 302 found, etc), and so on.

Keyword Autolinking Too

What if you want to turn keywords into links? You can do that too.

Under this tab, you can configure whether you want every instance of a certain keyword (or keyword phrase) to automatically become a corresponding cloaked affiliate link. For instance, you might want to link the word “widgets” to a widget store. This way, every time that you write about widgets, you can be sure that your visitors are being directed toward one of your affiliate links.

To manage these cloaked links and their associated keywords, you go to the Cloaked Links section under Tools in the WordPress dashboard. This is also where you can add, remote, and edit the links, as well as view their statistics.

Conversion Tracking

The third tab is where you can set up conversion tracking. Some affiliate programs allow for this kind of functionality and it can help you better tweak your affiliate campaigns accordingly.

This is based on a tracking pixel that you would place on the merchant’s confirmation page. With a single code, you can track all the outbound cloaked links from your WordPress site.

Cloaking Your Way to Success

Considering that you can make some more money back through its own affiliate program (via ClickBank), Eclipse Link Cloaker is a solid tool to include as part of your overall Internet marketing strategy.

It’s easy to use, offers a robust set of features, and is priced affordably at just $57.

Link: Eclipse Cloaker

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