Keep Up With the Top Links on Twitter with TicknTalk

Keep up with the top links on Twitter with TicknTalk.TicknTalk is an ad-free Twitter client for your web browser sidebar that focuses on the “hottest links on Twitter.” It is currently available for Firefox and Internet Explorer. What it does is put together the most popular links on Twitter and then display them at the top of the sidebar according to how many have shared it. TicknTalk even goes a step further and shows you the top links posted on Twitter for any website that you visit. It’s a great way to see who is tweeting about your website and also connect with other Twitter users who have like interests.

TicknTalk browser sidebar for Firefox and Internet Explorer.To get started, just install the browser extension and sign in via Twitter OAuth. A new clickable icon will be added to your browser status bar; clicking on it will open or close the TicknTalk sidebar. The sidebar has 2 main parts; the top is where links and displayed and the bottom is a mini Twitter client. There is also a status update box where you can tweet about the current page your on.

As you can see from the image to the right, each link tells you how many times it has been shared and retweeted on Twitter. Clicking on the link will take you to the original source. Once you’re on the page, you’ll then be able to see the “ticks” for that specific web page — each tweet that contains the link. To get back to where you were, simply click the home icon in the top left of the sidebar.

Next to the “Top Links EN” tab up top, is a tab that will show you the top links for the current website you’re on. The little arrow on the “Top Links EN” tab lets you change the language of the sidebar; there are 3 other supported languages.

The mini client below the links lets you see your tweets, ticks, favorites, timeline, direct messages, mentions and Twitter lists. For each tweet you have 3 basic options: favorite, retweet, reply/mention; for DMs you can only reply (no option to delete). Under “my ticks” you can see your top shared links and how many others have shared the same links.

Clicking on a users name in the ink area also gives you detailed info about that user. You can see how long they’ve been a member of Twitter, how many friends & followers they have, the number of ticks & tweets they have, bio and recent tweets.

I feel that TicknTalk is great for discovering new interesting stories and top news. My only gripe about the client is that it is a bit sluggish. After clicking on a new menu option in the or on the home icon, it takes more than a few seconds for anything to happen. I often find myself clicking 2-3 times because I’m not sure if it registered or not. Besides that, I really find it promising and I’m looking forward to some great performance updates.


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