BlogWorld Expo 2010 – Done and Gone, Still Reeling from the Feeling

Having some Fruit Loops with Human Cereal Bowl Ted Murphy at BlogWorld Expo 2010

I just got home yesterday morning 5:45am and then did my full time job before I even got a chance to get home and visit the family. I’m running all my travel plans by my wife in the future so I don’t go and do a red eye before a day of work ever again. I was destroyed that day. But why? Because of BlogWorld & New Media Expo. It kicked my butt up and down the Vegas strip. But in a good way.

I’ve attended every BlogWorld convention that has been held. Each one elevates the attendee experience to great levels of awesome. This year started off with a fantastic keynote by Scott Stratten. I was pumped from that moment on and never stopped running from session to session throughout the weekend. I was even running around like crazy up to the moment that I got to my own session called Content You Care About. Here is the presentation with the links to all of the resources that I talked about in my session.

If you ‘d rather download that you can do so by downloading my session as an ebook. Through this session and speaking again at a conference I learned a few cool things.

1. Always have your presentation on a spare flash drive in case it is not pre-loaded on the laptop as it was supposed to be.

2. Google Presentations is decent for making presentations, ebooks and slideshows. Very simple interface. It can also save your session as a powerpoint set.

3. Practice your session, things will go smoother if you do.

4. Smile when you present, you are there to have a great time and give people great information on things that you enjoy so smile about that.

5. Attend as much as you can, push yourself. I totally spaced on a few sessions where I should have attended.

6. Participate in PhotoWalks, if there isn’t one already then organize one because it is a great way to meet more people and also to get into photos yourself.

7. The greatest thing is being there. Get to an industry event, they are a must. Make sure you get photographed while there too.

TechKaraoke at The Pearl with Murray Newlands!
Me with Murray Newlands

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