Greatly Increase Your Impact on Twitter with Twitalyzer

There are tons of tools out there that let you view your statistics on Twitter and see how influential you are. Twitalyzer is an impressive Twitter analytics tool that goes above and beyond. Even though there are 3 types of paid accounts, you can get everything you need and more just from the comprehensive free account.

To get started either enter your Twitter username and go, or login via Twitter OAuth. Without signing in you can only see your impact score, influencer type, location, network (the people you converse with most) and most commonly used hashtags. Signing in, on the other hand, gives you “free access to trends, sentiment, tweet & tag analysis and more,” which I’ve listed below.

Twitalyzer Metrics

Metrics and Measures:

Profile – Here you see the basic info mentioned above: impact score, influencer type, location, network and hashtags. You can also click on those users in your network to see basis stats about them too.
Metrics – This is an organized grid that lets you can see statistics based on a 30-day average regarding impact, engagement, influence, generosity, retweet stats, referencing and more.
Reach – This shows you your potential reach of users based on your networks’ contribution. Once again you can see basics about those in your network (potential reach, effective reach, influence).
Goals – “Setting goals for key Twitalyzer metrics will allow you to better gauge your organizational or personal benchmarks in social media.”

Twitalyzer Reach

Comparison and Context:

Dashboard – This is for paying customers only. It gives you a glance of your recent Twitter activity.
Context – Here you can view your impact compared to all the other users that Twitalyzer tracks. You’ll get an impact score, median score and percentile.
Comparison – This is where you can compare yourself with any other Twitter users. Just enter their username and Twitalyzer will compare the stats between you.
Recommendations – A very useful section where you can get tips on how to make a better impact on Twitter.

Twitalyzer Comparison

Other sections and sub-sections:

People and Groups – Network activity, influencer types, retweeters, locations and more.
Tweets and Tags – All tweets, tweets, retweets, hashtags and sentiment.
Activity and Analysis – Activity by day, last seven days, activity by hour, site referrals and link clicks.
Administration – Upgrade your account.

Subscription Plans:

Individual – $9.99/month
Business – $29.99/month
Agency – $199.00/month

*Keep in mind that subscriptions are automatically taken out of your account each month, until canceled.

If you’re stuck on any area or want to know more about what it means or how it was calculated, you can click on the “learn” button that is provided for each area. There are some sections where they even supply a “tweet” button so that you can share your results on Twitter. You can also add users to your Twitter lists directly from the site. All of this and more are provided with the free account.

So, if you’re really looking to boost your influence on Twitter and also build your network, Twitalyzer is a great tool to help you along the way.

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