The Umi Chicken Guide to Internet Marketing

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I was in the mall the other day and was observing the people working at Umi Chicken. I’m sure that you have one of these or another in your mall where someone stands out front of the restaurant in the food court with a plate of free samples. As you walk by they hand you a piece of their chicken on a toothpick. And that one sample is really, really tasty. That single piece makes you start to crave what else Umi Chicken has to offer.

Offer a Taste

Are you offering something for free that will entice readers to continue on with what else you have to offer? That initial piece of chicken is so tasty that you stop and see what else you can eat. Then Umi Chicken can upsell you in what seems like pretty reasonable increments. Umi Chicken and rice is $3.99 but if you want to try that and another entrée then that is $4.99. If you want to try a little bit of that other entrée the employees are more than happy to give you a little taste of most any entrée you would like. This can go on and on till you go to buy a $3.99 meal and you walk away paying $12.50. How did that happen?

Have Packages and Upsells

Do you have anything to offer after the initial free taste? What about products and packages available to up sell your prospects? Do you have more “free samples” to help entice your prospects to buy more from you?

By having packages that are easy for prospects to mix and match you can allow them to create a package and end up paying you more than you would have gotten with the one choice. Make more choices available and easier for your prospects to choose everything they want. The ability to create a specialized package allows the prospect to take greater ownership of the sales process. So, just be ready to hand out those enticing pieces of chicken on toothpicks to grab people and bring them in. Just be sure that you have more to offer once you get them in the door.

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