Increase Your Twitter Followers Dramatically with TweetBig

Increase your Twitter followers dramatically with TweetBig.TweetBig is a new “brilliant” Twitter management tool that helps you to drastically increase your followers and build your network. The beauty of TweetBig is that is can do most tasks automatically, which is a huge timesaver. The sneaky thing about TweetBig though is when signing up, you don’t realize that there is a fee for the service until the end. It runs you through the entire process of setting up your account, and then won’t let you actually begin using the service until you pay the $4.95 7-day trial fee.

For the purpose of this review, I really wanted to fully test out the service so I decided to pay the small fee. After the 7-day trial, you can cancel or pay $17.95 per month to keep the service going. So, if you’re not a heavy Twitter user then it may not be worthwhile for you to use this service. There are definitely many free tools out there that can do almost all of what TweetBig does — even though you may have to use more than one service to match the features. Besides the surprise fee though, the service is pretty useful and very easy to setup.

First you’ll need to connect your Twitter account via OAuth.

Next you’ll set up the Piggy Back feature. Here you can “add (up to 15) competitors or users in a similar niche as you and TweetBig will analyze who follows them and identify the best users to follow.” You should choose people similar to what interests you; this will ensure that you get relevant user suggestions. TweetBig will then check regularly for new users to follow. They will also determine which of those users are the best quality and will most likely follow you back. From there (after paying) you’ll be able to mark which users you’d like to follow (see picture below).

TweetBig Piggy Back

Next you’ll set up the Keyword Gather feature. This step is pretty much like the Piggy Back feature (above), except you’ll enter keywords and phrases that interest you. Once again, TweetBig will then go and find people using and talking about those keywords and phrases. They will then show you the best, most qualified users that are most likely to follow you back. From there (after paying) you’ll be able to mark which users you’d like to follow (see picture below).

TweetBig Keyword Gathering

Lastly it walks you through the Follow Timebomb feature. This is a simple feature that you can choose to turn on or off. “When turned on TweetBig will wait the specified number of days for a user to follow you back, if they don’t they’ll be unfollowed.” If you are someone that doesn’t care if people follow you back or not, it’s best to simply leave this feature off — though this is one of the top techniques used by many in order to increase followers.

Once you pay for the trial, you can then access your account in full. You’ll be able to pause the service and turn it back on whenever you like. You will also be able to turn on the Auto Follow Back tool which will automatically follow back any user who follows you; by default this feature will be off. There is also a Tweet Scheduler that lets you schedule tweets to be posted at a later time. The scheduler also includes a URL shortener.

TweetBig Control Panel

As far as the users that are picked out for you under Keyword Gather and Piggy Back, you can set TweetBig to automatically follow them or you can choose to do it automatically. I find that the listed users under Keyword Gather are not very detailed (as you can see in the picture above). It doesn’t tell you how many followers a user has or what the percentage is that they will follow you back (like the Piggy Back area). Also, for both areas there is no way to totally remove a user or show that you’re not interested in following them.

Then there’s the Red Carpet feature which will constantly monitor your followers and show you who has the most influence and biggest following. It takes a while for them to go through your users and show something here; after a few hours I still have nothing there. Lastly, there is a new feature that will be coming soon. Christopher, from TweetBig, let me know that the feature will let users add RSS feeds to their account which can then be automatically posted to Twitter whenever the RSS feed is updated.

Given the long review, you can see that TweetBig is definitely beneficial for those really wanting to give their following a boost. It’s just a matter of whether you think the fee is worth it or not. Christopher also let me know that “some users are able to get around 1-2k (relevant) new followers monthly” using the service; that’s pretty impressive.

What do you think? Is TweetBig worth your money? Let us know in the comments.

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