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Qubrit – Virtual Business Cards for Internet Professionals

Posted by on 27th Aug 2010 | 4 comments

Qubrit - Virtual Business Cards for Internet Professionals.Long are the days of physical business cards that you hand out in person. Qubrit lets you exchange cards the easy way — virtually. “Qubrit is a social platform used by professionals every day to connect with each other.” You can create, manage and exchange cards with anyone on the Net. Plus, Qubrit lets you message and organize your contacts.

The main card itself is pretty simple. There are spots for basic information like your company picture, name, position, phone numbers, address, email and URLs. You can also enter your Skype and Gtalk usernames.

When organizing your contacts by card, you can create (up to 5) labels and customize their color. The labels are used like categories. So you can name a label “work” and then put all of your co-workers under that label.

Qubrit social networks tab.

There is a section for you to all social links. There is a dropdown of sites to choose from and you simply enter your username in the text area. These will then be shown in the “social” tab on your card.

There is also a tab on your card for photos. While you have a main photo, you can also add more photos to be shown in this section. The portfolio section lets you add employment, skills, education and awards. If you don’t like the default design of your Qubrit card, you can choose one of the other 4 themes.

If there is a section that you don’t want to be shown on your public profile (mobile, social, portfolio, email, photos), you can hide it. If you use the labels (mentioned above) for your contacts, then you can choose to have certain labels view those hidden sections. So, privacy is a little flexible.

Qubrit virtual business card.

In order to add contacts you’ll need to know the person’s name, organization or company. You can also invite friends by email (right on the site). You’ll also have a message and notifications area as well as task area. Since I don’t have any other contacts on the site yet, I haven’t been able to test out these area.

Qubrit has a definite purpose and serves to be very useful for business professionals. It’s much easy to store and organize business cards online rather than in your wallet or day planner. Though it would be nice to have a mobile version to view cards on the go — maybe that’s in the works.

Charnita is a full-time freelance writer and blogger with 3+ years of experience, and also the owner of SocialWebTools.info. She's also an early adopter who loves trying out new social media tools along with Web and iOS (iPad) apps. Feel free to connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

4 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Nick on 27th Aug 2010

    is that http://qubrit.com ?

    • Posted by dotCOMreport.com on 27th Aug 2010

      Yeah, that link will take you right there. It's a great idea.

  • Posted by Merlin on 28th Aug 2010

    It's useful. Yesterday they include a Tasks module, i like it.

  • Posted by Payday Loan Software on 23rd Sep 2010

    I love having my business cards handy to give to those around me! and I love the links, keep up the good work!