Link Cloaking, Masking and Tracking Software

Whether you are a full time blogger, affiliate, or even both, you know the importance of a great tracking solution and the difference it can make in your business. I’ve seen a lot of different tracking solutions over the years, and many of the work in different ways. Some of them simple redirect and track click amounts, others are more advanced and free, but they will take a portion of your clicks, and other services simply just charge too much.

I had the chance to try out a new service called LinkTrackr, and they actually have a very nice and advanced system. Let’s breakdown their services and what they are all about.

Right when you get to the site you are given a quick run down of how affiliate marketing works, and much easier it could be using LinkTrackr for tracking links and campaigns. The basic concept here is that if you promote your own product, blog or web site using a direct url or a simple redirect, you are potentially missing out on a ton of viral traffic.

Once you sign up for an account it really easy to get started and create a few links. I recently came out with my own free affiliate blogging guide at Instead of sending people directly to that site, I can send them to a viral enabled link using LinkTrackr. Here’s how…

The setup is really self explanatory. Just fill in the blank fields with your site info and how you want the viral options to work, then you would be setup with a url like the following: You also have the option of using your own domain name for better marketing and branding.

Once you visit that tracking url, you will see that your blog or landing page would have the following viral bar on top of the page. Feel free to try it out and event “tweet” or “facebook like it” using the toolbar.

The top portion of the page may be cut off a bit, but other than that, the site is fully functional and your visitors now have the option to tweet, facebook share or facebook like the post. Even if only 1-3% of your visitors decide to share the content, it could result in a great amount of extra and free viral traffic back to your site.

As a member of LinkTrackr, you will also have access to videos, guides and tutorials on how to use the system, though I picked everything up within minutes of joining the site. You will also have access to other areas of their site which offers a wordpress plugin for link management, pdf reports on blogging and affiliate marketing, and you can also help promote LinkTrackr as an affiliate and earn 40% on all referred sales.

So what does all of this cost? As mentioned, there are a lot of programs out there that offer link management and redirection services, but none that really blew me away. LinkTrackr costs $27 a month (through paypal), but also has a one month trial for only $1. I would recommend you give the one month trial a run and see how much free viral traffic you can bring it.

In the end, I think it really comes down to your web site, offer or blog traffic. If it’s really good content, people are going to want to share it, but if it’s a general offer where you make a quick buck, I wouldn’t expect anyone to share the offer.

Head over to LinkTrackr. Try out the 30 day trial for only a buck, and at the least you can download their free report to discover the “7 Sins of Affiliate Marketing”.

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