Why Hosting Your Photos on WordPress is a Bad Idea.

Sunset in Warren, RI... PAD #1168

Last Week I wrote a post titled 4 Must Have Photo Plugins for WordPress. It got a pretty good response from people who were excited about what I mentioned. One comment however sparked my mind for today’s post. Here is what the comment said.

The problem with some of these plugins is the fact that you are hosting photos off site and giving these other sites the traffic that you should have.
From www.bloggingtips.com (share this quote)

I disagree with that statement because in my case much of my traffic actually comes from those photo hosting sites. And here is why:

Tagging, Geotagging, and Linking Back to my Blog.

Hosting my photos on sites like Flickr, BuzzNet, Zooomr, Picasa, Shuttercal, and Facebook has certainly increased my traffic and has not taken away from my traffic at all. Think about it.

You take a photo of a sailboat, the photo is beautiful and many people like sailboats. You can post it to your blog through WordPress and post a blog post with the tag sailboat and hope that people find your post and photo. The directory where you keep your WordPress photos is not something that is going to come up on a search for sailboat, all it does is put your photo somewhere, somewhere people can’t find it.

No suppose that you take a photo of a sailboat and you post it to Flickr, you geotag where you took the photo, say Cape Cod. You then tag the photo with “Sailboat, Ocean, Buzzard’s Bay, Cape Cod, Sailing. etc…” When a user of Flickr does a search for “sailboat” your photo has a chance of being one of the ones on that search. The user sees it and sees that you have written more about the experience on your blog, they are interested and click the link that you conveniently left on the caption and bang, traffic.

But it gets better. Suppose you do a search of your own on Sailboat on Flickr. What comes up are a bunch of sailboat photos but also Flickr Groups that focus on Sailboat photography, What if you joined that group and then submitted your sailboat photo. Now you have another group of people who are specifically looking at sailboats and now your photo is in front of their eyes. They also see the convenient link to your blog and maight want to check you out… traffic!

Oh but that is Flickr, what about Picasa. Picasa is owned by Google, the largest search engine ever. Do a Google image search sometime and see that many photos can come from Picasa users. Again you tag your photos and geotag them and add a caption with a link to your blog, someone find your sailboat photo clicks your link and… say it with me…. Traffic.

I just did a search and found a fascinating concept sailboat. Why, because it was posted and tagged with the right tags.

So if you use the plug ins that I suggest in last week’s post (barring picapp because that is for an entirely different reason) you are using your own photos and driving more traffic to your own content.

So get out there and shoot, tag and link. The traffic will follow.

Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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