Make Money with AdClickMedia CPC Network

You have a lot of options as a website publisher when it comes to how you want to monetize your online properties. Some people find a great deal of successful with affiliate networks like MarketLeverage and XY7, but those typically require higher levels of traffic before they can become truly lucrative.

For publishers of all sizes, however, cost-per-click (CPC) advertising can be relatively easy to implement and can start making money right away. One such network that you may want to consider is AdClickMedia. They’re relatively new to the game and are actively seeking out both new advertisers and new publishers to use their program.

AdClickMedia in a Nutshell

In short, AdClickMedia aims to simplify the advertising process so that it is easier to understand for advertiser and publisher alike.

The pay-per-click advertising program is open to publishers of all sizes, so even if you’re just getting started, you can give them a try. They have no minimum requirements, as far as I can tell. In terms of payment details, publishers earn 50% of the revenue generated from the ads placed on their sites, in addition to the 10% of each click generated by publishers they refer.

Payments are issued via PayPal once a month on a net-15 payment schedule, meaning that you will receive the funds within 15 days of the end of the month, assuming you meet the minimum threshold of $50. If you fail to reach this monthly minimum, your balance rolls over to the next month. For now, the minimum CPC is $0.05, but that will likely rise as more advertisers join the network.

Three Kinds of Ad Possibilities

So, what are the types of advertising that you can implement on your site through AdClickMedia? Logging into the main publisher dashboard, we discover that there are three.

First, you have photo text ads. These are largely text-based ad banners, except some also contain a small thumbnail image. This would probably be one of the most common and popular ad panel types that you’d use with AdClickMedia.

Second, you have full page interstitial ads. These are the pages that appear “between” pages when a visitor navigates around your website. Among CPC/PPC ad networks, this is quite unique. Interstitials are usually the foray of affiliate networks.

Third, you have banner ads. These are a little more standard in practice, allowing you to place banners on yoru web pages. Each of these three types are tracked individually, but the payments all go into the same account.

Building an Ad Panel

While Google crawls your site to find relevant keywords and content, AdClickMedia bases its advertising choices on your selected categories. This is both good and bad, depending on your perspective.

In creating a new text ad panel, I was able to give the panel a name, choose the domain where it will be hosted (as the panels are domain specific), select up to three different categories, and define the default ad if the network comes up with nothing.

On the next page, I’m also able to change each of the individual colors and adjust the size of the ad panel. This is so that it can “fit” better with the overall design scheme of your web site.

Another Advertising Option

In the world of website monetization, the possibilities are virtually limitless. AdClickMedia gives you yet another option to consider. The inclusion of interstitials in a CPC/PPC network is quite novel and relatively lower $50 payment threshold is a welcome feature for lower traffic publishers too. No harm in giving them a try.

Link: AdClickMedia

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