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Sony BloggieWhilst reading the paper yesterday I noticed a competition to win a new video camera called ‘Bloggie’. There have been lots of great mobile video cameras over the last few years which have been targeted towards video bloggers (e.g. the flip) but Sony’s Bloggie is the first camera from a major electronics company to include the word ‘Blog’ in the name of a device (to my knowledge).

There are two versions of the camera available. The MHS-PM5 is the basic model and retails for $149.99 in the USA. The MHS-CM5 is a little more advanced and looks more like a traditional Handycam. It retails for $199.99. Some regions also have a 2nd version of the basic model called the MHS-PM5K.

Sony Bloggie Comparison

Both models can video record in 1920×1080 HD and 5MP still images and boasts SteadyShot® image stabilization and a built in USB arm for uploading and charging.

There are some differences between the two models. The PM5 has a 2.4″ LCD screen whilst the CM5’s screen is slightly larger at 2.5″. The camera on the PM5 can swivel round 270 degrees but it stationary on the CM5. However, the LCD screen on the PM5 is stationary whilst more advanced CM5 can swivel it’s screen around 270 degrees.

The PM5 can zoom 4 times digitally whilst the more advanced CM5 boasts 20X digital zoon (and 5X optically). For me the biggest difference between the two is the addition of a much needed HDMI output on the CM5, something which I believe should be standard on all full HD devices.

The basic model has a more fun look to it which is reminiscent of the popular Flip camera though I believe the more advanced CM5 offers better value for money as for an extra $50 you get a much stronger zoom and the ability to connect directly to your computer and television using HDMI.

I haven’t tried the Bloggie out yet but it looks like a great option for video bloggers who want to do quick videos for youtube. It comes in a range of colours too so you should find one which fits your personality.

As usual, Sony have used some strange currency converter for us in Europe as the basic PM5 model costs £159.00 and £199.00 for the more advanced CM5 (which at todays rates converts to around $239.40 and $299.62 respectively). Therefore it may be worth importing the Bloggie form North America rather than purchasing it locally.

If you are serious about getting the Sony Bloggie then I would encourage you to go to your local electronics store and try it out in person to see if it does what you need.

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