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In my recent article The Learning Curve, the readers left some great comments and concerns. I had replied to them, but since the comment was full of links, I think the Spam machine caught it and was not published. But that’s okay. I get to use it as a post and hopefully shed some light on some of the concerns as a follow up.

I appreciate everyone who stopped by and left comments. You can read those at the link above. These were my responses to them.

@Sally: I am a theme addict. I love themes. I wish I could have a blog for every theme I like, but that would be over 50 blogs. LOL.
Yes blogging is tough, but it is also very rewarding.

@Jared: I’m not familiar with working from the Thesis platform. I’ve used Genesis, but I’m sure both have a learning curve and can be very frustrating. If you are completely new to blogging then I suggest that you use a simple theme and learn a little about WordPress before you tackle the more challenging themes.

@Lesley: I know your frustration. I know basic html and that’s pretty much it. I know enough about web design to feel my way around with php and after many attempts I can usually get something done. I am not a whiz at this stuff–hence the title of ‘Learning Curve.”
I’ve spent a lot of time reading tutorials and ebooks. Unless you want to pay for a designer, this is the way to go. You can find people who are willing to share advice. There are forums all over the Internet and chances are your questions have already been asked and answered.

If you will look in the sidebar here at Blogging Tips there are 4 eBooks written by Kevin Muldoon, previous owner of this site and all around nice guy. He is very informative. He also runs a site, WP Mods, where he offers a ton of information on everything WordPress. I’ll post his link at the end of this comment. (WP Mods)

One piece of advice I’ve learned, and I believe Kevin posted it here in one of his posts is to become friends with people who are smarter than you. Actually, it was Partner with People who are Better than You. (Partner With People Who Are Better Than You)

Blogging can be intimidating, but I have also learned that successful bloggers or professional bloggers really enjoy helping other people. Some names I suggest you start following are John Chow, Kevin Muldoon, Zac Johnson, and Darren Rowse. Blogging is their business.

Kevin has also posted about making sacrifices. My post which is scheduled for Friday, It’s My Day Off, links to his post on making sacrifices, but here’s the link: Make Sacrifices to Make it as a Blogger
Some of the sacrifices you make will be your free time. You absolutely have to take some time to gain knowledge, or you need to have enough funds to pay someone to do the work for you. I know of no other way. Blogging, like any other business model requires sacrifice. It is frustrating, it will be frustrating. But if you want to make something of it, you have to forge ahead.

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John Chow
Zac Johnson
Kevin Muldoon
Darren Rowse, Problogger

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