Access and Organize your Bookmarks in Style with Getwapps

Access and Organize your Bookmarks in Style with Getwapps.Getwapps provides you with a simple yet stylish hub for organizing and accessing your favorite bookmarks. The site refers to your bookmarks as web applications and lets you discover and add new apps with ease. You can also create link lists and organize them however you like. With the ability to chat with your friends via the Meebo bar, Getwapps really is an ideal homepage for those looking for a centralized discovery hub.

Bookmarks are displayed as large clickable widgets, which makes them easy to find on the page and nice to look at. Some widgets are even interactive, meaning that you can perform an action such as a searching right from it. Widgets can be customized and edited. Along with being able to change the title, URL and description, you can even add your own image or choose to automatically get a screenshot of the site.

Edit your widgets on Getwapps.

Adding new widgets is done by visiting the Wapps Store. There are 21 categories to choose from with over 500 web apps total. Categories range from news to music to shopping to social networking to blogging to productivity. If you can’t find something that you’re looking for, you can even suggest a web application to them.

On the homepage, you can add tabs (aka lists) in order to organize your web applications — as opposed to having one long list on the homepage. On the right side of your widgets, you can also create mini lists which are just links as opposed to visual images and screenshots. Here you will just see the title of the links in a list format. Just like the visual lists, your mini list links can be easily rearranged and organized to suite your needs.

Create mini lists at Getwapps.

Getting started with Getwapps is easy as well. You can either create an account or sign in with your Facebook account. As you can see, Getwapps is a piece of cake to set up and can save you a lot of time when browsing the web. Storing your bookmarks on the site instead of your computer, can also help you save space. This is definitely a handy tool that really comes in handy for any Internet user. Give it a try.

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