Does Your Web Host Deserve Five Stars?

Web hosting is a very popular topic, because it doesn’t really matter what kind of Internet endeavor you want to pursue: you need someone to host your website, blog, service, business, or whatever you may happen to have.

It can be daunting to find the right provider and that’s why it comes in handy to find a place like Web Hosting Rating. Yes, it’s far from being the only cat in the alley that reviews different web hosts, but it’s good to get as many different viewpoints as you can.

Rating Your Web Hosts

There are no big surprises when it comes to sites like these and that’s exactly how you’d expect them to be. They offer the no-nonsense information about various web hosts so that you can make your best educated decision.

With Web Hosting Rating, the front page is populated with a top ten list. I’m not entirely sure if the nature of this list changes over time, but it is currently showing the best cheap web hosts of 2010. Looking to save a buck? This is the list for you.

The information displayed is succinct and to the point. You get the name of the hosting company (and its logo), the starting price point, the amount of space provided, and the amount of traffic allotted.

It is notable, however, that clicking on the host’s name will take you directly to their website. Web Hosting Rating does not really do the in-depth reviews that you may find elsewhere on the Internet. Instead, you get a rating system (out of five stars) and user reviews.

Category Award Winners

Since there is no such thing as one size fits all, it’s nice to see that there is page with the web hosting awards in various categories.

Again, this isn’t exhaustive, but it is a good launching point. Awards are given out for the different types of web hosting available, such as Best Budget Hosting, Best Reseller Hosting, Best Colocation Hosting, Best Ecommerce Hosting, and Best Technical Support Hosting.

You are shown the top three hosting providers in each of these categories. Strangely, clicking on any of their names directs you to the Web Hosting Rating homepage. Go figure.

Individual Review Pages

While you do not get a true “review” of each provider as written by Web Hosting Rating, you do get a page with all the pertinent information. Take this one on Web Hosting Pad as an example.

The basic information about the plan is given, including price points, hosting space, and traffic allowance. The sections underneath can be clicked for expansion, revealing “easy-install CMS” support, server information, database details, e-commerce support, and so forth.

With Web Hosting Pad’s Hassle-Free plan, for instance, you’ll see that you get unlimited MySQL databases and an easy WordPress installation (likely Fantastico), but no support for PayPal Cart or Google Checkout.

Are You a Web Host Too?

If you’re a web hosting company and you want to get some attention through Web Hosting Rating, you can submit your company for listing. They only accept independent web hosting companies and not resellers or affiliates.

Link: Web Hosting Rating

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