Finding the Best Joomla Web Hosts

When many people think about content management systems, one of the first names that comes to mind is WordPress. That’s a great platform for blogs and all kinds of other websites, but that doesn’t mean that other platforms should be completely ignored as a result.

A very suitable alternative for many people is Joomla, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the best web hosts for the best price that are configured properly to run it. That’s why you may want to turn to Joomla Hosting Reviews. This site, as you can probably guess, reviews several web hosting services that work with Joomla.

Initial Impressions

When you go to the main website for Joomla Hosting Reviews, you are immediately treated to the top six web hosts. These “Editor Top Picks” are shown with the name of the web host, of course, as well as the starting price point, editor rating (out of 10), disk storage, included data transfer, and money back guarantee information. There is also a link to the full editor review, as well as user reviews.

This table-based layout for the best Joomla hosting providers is good for “at a glance” information, helping you better determine which host is the best fit for your needs. Remember to look beyond the price to find the value that a host can provide.

Below that, you will find a similar top ten list based on the user ratings of the top Joomla hosts. The same kind of information is displayed in a table-based format too, including price, rating, and storage allowance.

Sample Joomla Hosting Review

So, what can you expect from a fuller review of a web host?

Let’s take this HostGator review as an example. At the top of the page, you are offered the pertinent details like disk space, domains hosted, control panel software, and hosting plan types.

You can also see the editor rating, average user rating, Joomla features (like support for Ion Cube), MySQL features, support options, company details, and coupon codes for better deals. Below this, you get a more extensive review of the hosting plans and features.

With HostGator, for instance, you can see wha tyou get with the $4.95 Hatchling Plan, the $7.95 Baby Plan, and the $12.95 Swamp Plan. There is also a description of the hosting environment, Joomla support, tech support, and a conclusion.

You can expect similar information in the Bluehost Joomla review, Site5 review, GreenGeeks review and so on. These all have ratings of 9.0 or better, but other hosts aren’t nearly as good.

A Little More Help Too

In addition to providing information about the different web hosting providers, Joomla Hosting Reviews also supplies “expert advice.”

One such example is the guide on how to add Rochen CDN to Joomla. The individual steps are broken down into three phases, helping you better understand the tutorial. Articles like this are certainly handy for novices and experts alike.

In the end, Joomla Hosting Reviews really isn’t all that different from the countless other sites that offer similar information, but the information provided is clear, well displayed, and easy to browse.

Link: Joomla Hosting Reviews

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