Promote Your Blog With An Interview

Promote Your Blog With An InterviewWhen people talk about blog promotion, they often discuss tried and true ways of gaining visibility, including guest blogging, creating a social media presence and buying advertising on blogs compatible with your target audience. But there’s another way to improve your visibility for free – participating in blog interviews.

I have to admit that I stumbled on this accidentally. In the past year, I’ve been interviewed a few times on blogs I read or contribute to, and have also been approached by people I’ve met on Twitter. I usually say yes, because I’m interested in the topic and because talking about myself in an email interview is never as daunting as a face to face interview. As it turned out, doing the interviews had an additional benefit.  Without exception, every interview that I did brought new readers to my blog and site. The most recent example of this was an interview I did on the EzineArticles blog, which attracted several comments as well as job offers who saw my answers and liked my style.

Where Do You Find The Right Blogs?

In many cases, people whose blogs you already read will post a call for interviewees. Jump at the chance. There are also people posting questions on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Another good way to get yourself featured is to become a HelpAReporterOut (HARO)  source. Sign up for their daily updates and you could be featured in a wide range of publications, both online and offline.

How To Answer The Questions

When I answer interview questions I aim to show off the qualities I most want people to see, but I want them to get to know my personality too. I keep in mind that anything I write might be there forever, so I try not to put answers that will embarrass me later. The EzineArticle interview was aimed both at newbie writers and those who might be buying writing services. When preparing my answers I tried to make them match the principles I was outlining – short, clear answers, but with a bit of personality.

Benefits of Doing Interviews

I’ve found that doing interviews has several benefits for bloggers and writers. They can help to establish your expertise (I’ve had about a dozen new writers email me for advice since that interview was published last week); bring traffic to your blog and introduce you to a new audience. Best of all, doing interviews is fun and helps people get to know the person behind the avatar – and making those connections is a great way to build a blogging community.

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