The Jackrabbit Factor

Last week I shared some tips on Are you Plugged In? I often go through periods that I don’t plug in. I always regret it. Sometimes, getting back on track requires me to share these things with others. It motivates and inspires me when I can help someone else get plugged in.

I have literally hundreds of motivational and inspirational ebooks and mp3’s on my computer–well, between two computers actually. I could listen to or read one per day and spend a whole year just going through the material I already have. Each one usually contains a little gold nugget that I need for the day, some contain several, and still others step on my toes pretty hard when it clicks.

I’m always in search of more knowledge and understanding on how the world works or how to improve myself. It’s a destination I will never reach because I want to constantly learn and grow as long as I’m alive. This is one gift I would love to give the whole world. Unfortunately, many people still believe that life just happens to them and there is nothing they can do about it. You can do something. You can be in control of your reactions to situations, you can be positive in a negative world and you can overcome any obstacle you want to.

I’ve been a big fan of The Secret for a long time; the law of attraction. I know it works. I’ve proven it to myself time and again, but I’ve never really fully grasped how it works or why it works sometimes and not other times.

Last week when I shared with you about getting plugged in and staying motivated I was on yet another search for a gold nugget; a bit of wisdom that I could apply to my life and share with others.

I found this little gem in an odd place; a fictional story that explains the law of attraction in a way that is extremely simple and a lot of “clicks” went off in my head. I may not fully understand it completely, but this was a major epiphany for me and I hope it is for you.

If you are looking to live a more fulfilling life and be successful, you owe it to yourself to read this book. It’s a very short read; only 87 pages, but it makes a lot of The Secret not so secretive.

Although the writer of this book has an affiliate program, this is not an affiliate link. I share this because it is one of the greatest gifts I’ve discovered and no price tag can be placed on it.

The book is called The Jackrabbit Factor. I hope you enjoy it and reach much success from the knowledge contained within.

Please read it and come back to share your thoughts.


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