Do You Know These Bloggers?

Community and networking are two aspects of successful blogging, and today I’d like to get personal and introduce you to some of the bloggers I’m lucky enough to have in my network.  These are all people I started blogging with five years ago on another site called WritingUp (now defunct), and we’re still in touch today. You may have heard of some of them, while others might be less well-known. All of them have something of value to offer. Introducing ….

Mitchell Allen

When I started blogging, Mitch was the person who was always on the blogging site sorting out technical errors and helping to make it better. More importantly, he posted frequently on the value of building strong, mutually supportive networks where the people involved helped each other and gained more than they had expected. Mitch practices what he preaches and at various times has helped me sort out hosting problems, while I’ve done a bit of writing for him. Mitch writes code and designs games, and is also an excellent writer. Check out some of the posts on his Morpho Designs blog (best described as eclectic) and you’ll see what a knack he has for getting to the heart of an issue, often in an amusing way.

Rebecca Leaman

I’d known Rebecca for a couple of years before I knew her first name. On this same site, she was the person you went to if you wanted to know how to do anything with blogging. If you ask any of us from that time where we found out about Feedburner, RSS, blog networks, online tools and the like, they would say that she told them. Rebecca’s an interesting person (writer, editor, beekeeper, non-profit online guru) and she’s still the first person I think of if I want good tech tool recommendations or sound advice on an online issue. Rebecca’s most often found hanging around at the Wild Apricot blog and on Twitter.

Dana Prince

Dana’s another friend from way back then and I really respect her accomplishments. We’ve interacted in many ways over the years. I was a sort of unofficial mentor for a while, then we worked together for the same client, started writing teams together and are still in regular communication today. Dana is a prolific blogger, so I can’t even list all the places to find her online, but two worth noting are her writing blog and her HealthNiche blog, both good reads.


Mitch, Rebecca and Dana aren’t the only people I’m still in touch with from those days. From time to time I catch up with Malcolm Campbell, an author who has a range of blogs, including the Writer’s Notebook, as well as Merry Monteleone and Shelly Bryant – and I mustn’t forget Suzanne James of Inspired Author, who helped me learn SEO.

Have you got any long time blogging friends and inspirations to introduce? Let us know who they are.


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