How to Find the Right Topic for Your New Blog

How to Find the Right Topic for Your New BlogOne of the first things every blogger needs to do is decide what topic their blog is going to focus on. For some people this is a no brainer because they are so passionate about one particular subject but there are many people (like me) who have a wide range of interests, so the decision becomes a little more difficult.

I’m thinking of starting a new blog and have been doing some research into several topics so I’d like to share with you all some of the factors I have been considering.

  • Are you passionate about the subject

    This has been said many times in the past but it is by far one of the more important factors to consider when choosing a blog topic therefore it’s something you need to remember – You need to be interested in the topic you are blogging about. It is very difficult to find any motivation to blog about a subject you have no interest in. Blogging about a topic you have no interest in is the number 1 reason bloggers lose interest in blogging.

  • Will it be easy to find inspiration for posts

    You may be passionate about a subject and have a lot of knowledge about it though there may come a time when you will have said everything you can on the topic.

    Which is why you should research every topic and find out what your inspiration for posts will be. Will it come from news stories, magazines, books or life experience. Spend some time thinking about what articles you could write on your blog if you focused on a certain subject. It will give you an idea of what you will face if you do launch it.

  • Time

    How much time would I need to develop this blog? Some topics will require more research which means you will have less time to work on your other projects. Bear this in mind.

  • Competition

    Study the successful blogs within the niche. Why are they successful? Can you bring something extra to the table? Researching the competition will give you an idea of what you will need to do make your new blog a success.

  • How can you make money

    In the short term your main focus should be about establishing your blog and gaining readership. However in the medium to long term you need to try and make your blog profitable, therefore you need to have some sort of plan of how to do this from the very start. Will it purely be from advertising, will you sell a product, will you create a premium members area etc.

    You also need to remember that some niches are more profitable than others. I would never blog about a subject purely because it had better advertising rates because as I noted earlier, you need to be passionate about the subject. Though you should be aware of the ad rates within the niche.

Finding the Right Topic

If you are struggling to think of a topic to blog about then my advice to you is to research, research research. Think about where your inspiration for posts will come from, think about how you will launch the blog and how you will make money from it in the long term.

You may be tempted to rush in and start your blog though I encourage you to take your time so that you make the right decision. An extra week of research isn’t long when compared to the years you could be running the blog so take your time.

I have shared some of the factors I consider when looking into what niche to develop a blog in however I am sure that many of you look at different factors so I’d love to hear the steps you take when choosing your new blogs topic.

Good luck,

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