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By Rob Starr | Promote your blog

May 09

When you first start out working as a freelance writer/blogger you won’t have to worry about devising ways to manage your time since you more than likely won’t have all that much work to do. If you don’t get discouraged and stick it out, you’ll find that after more than a few false starts your business will start to roll forward. That’s the time you’ll need to start managing your time properly.

It’s important that you know which project to work on and when—that stands to reason and is only logical, but like everything else there’s more to the reality than what it appears at first.  For me, managing my time means that I need to use the speed and accuracy of new technology combined with some of the other older ways that journalists and other writers have been using for years.

Now to each his own but I’m not one for scheduling my time using online worksheets and other methods that you can find on the Internet. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no way I could make the living that I do if it weren’t for computers and how they’ve been able to speed up the process of writing for a living, but I still enjoy going to the local business supply store to get some of the things that I need to keep things organized.

For me, switching back and forth between screens to get the work done that I need to can be a problem enough ( I’ve heard that Windows 7 has a great split screen feature that I’ll need to check out ) but I prefer to look away from the screen to see what’s next on the agenda and here’s why.

Having a paper day planner means that I can look away and as things occur to me ( and they do all day long as I work ) I can jot them down without having to go from one screen to the other. For some reason that helps me to stay focused on what I’m working on.

So it’s the old fashioned day planner for me. I know there are those of you who are saying that there is great software that will alert you when some important date or time is coming up, but I find that kind of intrusion on the screen can easily throw you when you’re trying to write something and concentrate on what you need to say. In fact, that’s the reason that I got rid of that pesky Google email alert icon that used to sit in the right hand corner of my tool bar and distract me every time someone sent me an email.

I also use a dry erase board that hangs on the wall in my office. Anything to get and stay organized so that I know all the information that I’ll need that lets me know what to do next is waiting patiently and not lurking ready to strike with a pop up or beep. I do have a BlackBerry though, but even so I turned down all the notifications so I could enjoy the red blinking light in silence.

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Mida May 9, 2010

Great i remember this was the first problem ive faced when i started to work as freelancer , i think its the key to success , the more you get organized the more productive you are 😯

Suzy May 10, 2010

Totally agree, can't be without my paper notepad beside me to jot down thoughts, etc. Moving to an online to do list only distracts me.

BloggerDaily May 10, 2010

And yes, to be honest. Managing time is the hardest part of doing works for me :sad: procrastination is the worst enemy ever for productivity.

Samantha Milner May 10, 2010

Hi guys,

I was just talking to my older brother about managing time. We have all these wonderful tools that can help remind us of important dates, tasks and a to-do-list yet I still hear people say that they FORGOT. LOL!!! I think that you should look into getting Windows 7. I heard that the split screen is a wonderful tool.

Kind regards,



Ben May 10, 2010

Managing your time in good is better rather than spending it in things that are not really important 😉

World of Trade May 11, 2010

To me! time management is effective way of gaining some thing rather giving from your side.

Although really nice stuff written by writer. Really worth reading.

Mike Roosa May 11, 2010

When you are first starting out you may not have a lot of work but you should still be working hard, networking, trying to find clients. That is very time consuming as well.

Bilgi May 11, 2010

yes very true

pesedit May 11, 2010

😉 😉 😉

Eko Setiawan May 12, 2010

I agree. Now i must reorganized my schedule time. Managing time is the hardest thing to do for me actually, but without managing time, i will gain no success

@Tradeeight2 September 24, 2010

I second with it, The individual become professional step by step and after that he/she wont be having such kind of little issues with it.

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@Tradeeight2 September 24, 2010

I second with it, The individual become professional step by step and after that he/she wont be having such kind of little issues with it.

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