Quizy.me – A Social Question and Answer Tool Connected to Facebook

Quizy.me - A social tool for asking questions.Quizy is a social question asking tool that you can connect with using your Facebook account. Even though the service is more fun if you add/invite some friends, it’s not necessary. Once creating an account (or connecting via Facebook) you can create questions to be post posted publicly, anonymously and/or on Facebook. You’ll also be able to answer random questions that others have posted on the site.

Although the site emphasizes that it’s a question asking tool, many of the random questions I came across where not questions but rather statements. Either way, when composing questions, you have a special format to stick to. There is part one of the question, a blank (for others to fill in) and then part two. You can choose to have a question that fills in both parts or just one.

Create a question on Quizy.me.

Questions that you ask are posted on your private home page for future reference. You can choose to answer it yourself, “like” it or forward it to a friend that you’re following on the site. The “Let’s Start” tab shows you the latest 10 events (questions and answers) on the site. You have the option to answer, “like”, comment on and forward other users’ events.

Lastly, click on the “Ask Randomly” button lets you answer questions or fill in statements that others have posted. Some might find this fun while others might find it pointless. Regardless, it can be a nice way to pass the time if you’re ever bored or just need a break. Your random answers can also be posted to Facebook. Questions that you answer will also be posted on your homepage. If the user chose not to be anonymous, you’ll be able to see their name next to it and click on it to go to their profile.

Answer questions randomly on Quizy.me.

Though I’m not sure if Quizy.me will really catch on with the Facebook community, it could definitely be a nice way to learn about your friends or random people. What do you think?


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