All Your Updates In A Nutshell

When I first heard of NutshellMail, I thought: “Why on earth would I want another application to send me notifications?” I was wrong. It’s turned out to be one of the most useful things I’ve found recently. Charnita Fance featured the site last year in a post on Twitter applications for tracking lost followers, but it does so much more than that.

What is NutshellMail?

In its own words: “NutshellMail takes copies of all your latest updates in your social networking accounts and places them in a snapshot email.” It sounds deceptively simple. NutshellMail works with several of your most update-intensive social media accounts –  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Ning – and consolidates those updates into a single email which you can receive whenever you want. The email is pretty long and often gets truncated in Gmail, but there’s a link at the top where you can view it online and that works well.

Setting Up And Customization

Setting it up is simple. Authorize the site to connect to your social networking accounts and you can set it and forget it, so that you get periodic updates of activity on all the accounts. If you want to, though, you can customize it even more. To do this, click on the customize link on each account and it brings up some site specific options. For example, if you’re not looking for a job, you can omit job updates from LinkedIn, or you can choose to omit inbox messages from Facebook.  For Twitter, there’s an extensive list of options. You can see new quitters and followers, search terms and lists. For all sites, you can set the number of updates you can see in a section, up to a maximum which varies.

Scheduling Delivery

In the top right hand corner, click on the delivery times link to set when you see emails from NutshellMail. I get emails three times a day, at 8, 12 and 4 Monday to Friday (though I could also uncheck all the boxes and simply hit the ‘update now’ button on the NutshellMail site). For those who want to get their updates while at work, there’s an option to send your update to another email address.

Not only does this tool give me an at-a-glance view of activity on my main social sites, but I can also act on the updates from within NutshellMail. It’s easy to like something on Facebook or retweet it on Twitter. Pressing the buttons takes you to another page, but it takes only seconds to complete the action.

Why I Like NutshellMail

I see this as a great tool for bloggers looking to keep track of what happens on their social networks of choice without becoming overwhelmed by a barrage of email notifications. It’s also helped me to find updates I might otherwise have missed. NutshellMail is a timesaver, especially if you usually check for these updates several times a day. If you use it well, NutshellMail can free up some time for other things – like writing more blog posts. 😉


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