Internet Time Machine Discovers Emerging Trends

Oftentimes, you may discover the hottest new trend on the Internet just a moment or two too late. The market becomes too saturated and you are bombarded by far too much competition. This makes it much more difficult to make money. That’s why you need a competitive advantage and that’s why you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Helping you achieve this goal is the Internet Time Machine. The goal, according to the site’s slogan, is to know today what people will buy tomorrow. It is with this level of anticipation that you can capitalize on opportunities before anyone else.

Compared to Google Trends

One of the more popular tools that Internet marketers use to monitor the preferences of web users is Google Trends. It’s free, it’s powerful, and it’s relevant, but it’s incomplete.

With Google Trends, you are only monitoring the “demand” side of the economic equation. You are seeing what people are looking for on the Internet, revealing the emerging trends and interests. However, you do not know how many other people are trying to capitalize on these same trends.

That’s supposed to be the critical advantage that Internet Time Machine is said to provide. It looks at both the supply and the demand. This way, you can see where demand is increasing but supply is remaining steady. That’s where you’ll find your marketing opportunities.

Powered by

The key service offered by Internet Time Machine is powered by a new search engine called Now Relevant. It’s still in beta phase at the moment, so it’s not open to the public to use. However, you can access some of the information that the ITM team are able to derive through its use.

Further still, they have launched an accompanying site where they offer additional insights into Internet trends. On this site, you can watch videos, read blog posts, and research some of the top money-making ideas.

The assumption is that this site will help launch you into the near future to discover upcoming trends, capitalizing on them today through your own affiliate marketing efforts. You can choose to capitalize by releasing your own relevant products too. That’s up to you.

Is It Really a New Trend?

If you really want to capitalize on what Internet Time Machine has to offer, you’ll need to sign up for their online tool and perform your own searches. It seems that the accompanying site can be just a tad bit behind the curve.

For instance, I found this recent post discussing the future of fitness and how many “older” gamers are playing fitness games on the Wii. I don’t know about you, but I’d say that market has already arrived.

That’s not to say all the information on the site is behind on the times, but you should have a little bit of background information for the related industry before throwing all your eggs into what is being showcased as an emerging basket.

Link: Internet Time Machine

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