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Dlvr.it - You publish, we deliver.Dlvr.it is one of the easiest ways to distribute your content across the social web. Along with content distribution, you can also see what kind of impact your content has by viewing audience engagement graphs. Lastly, you can “promote audience participation and growth with real-time updates, search friendly posts, and content targeting to specific social nets”. Currently, you can automatically send your RSS feeds to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Identica on Dlvr.it.

To get started you just need an RSS feed that you’d like to publish. You’ll also need to create an account which is really quick; all that is required is your email address and a desired password. Once logged in you’ll need to create “routes” and “destinations”. Routes are your content sources, otherwise known as RSS feeds. Destinations are where you’d like your content to be posted.

When adding a new RSS feed there are quite a few customizable options. You can choose when to make the first post (now or later). If you are adding a feed but don’t want it to be active yet, just uncheck the box next to “feed active”. You also get to decide how often your feed is checked for updates – ranges from 15 minutes to 24 hours. You can enter the number of items to be posted per updated period and the maximum amount of items to post per day.

There is also a “trickle” feature that you can enable. It’s a bit confusing to sum up but you can see an explanation in the screenshot below.

Dlvr.it trickle feature.

We’re not done yet though, there are still more customization features! You can add a prefix or suffix to be posted with your items, add filters and filter behaviors and even choose to post a summary content or the full content. So as you can see you have total control over your feeds, when they’re posted and how they’ll look when posted.

Dlvr.it filter options.

Adding destinations is pretty simple. Adding a Twitter account uses Twitter OAuth for your person protection. That’s also when you’ll be able to customize how your tweets will look when your content is posted. Adding a Facebook account uses Facebook connect. When customizing how content is posted you can choose to have it posted as a shared link or status update. You can also choose how to generate thumbnail to go with your content. LinkedIn uses their OAuth system as well. Unfortunately, with Identica you’ll have to enter your username and password.

As far as stats, you can see stats for the past 24 hours, past 7 days, past month and all time. You will also be able to see click and post trends as well. Another great feature is the ability to view social stats for each account. For instance, with Twitter you can see your average number of followers, average direct reach, average extended reach and then trend graphs for your followers and reach.

Dlvr.it trend graphs.

Dlvr.it even lets you make regular updates right from the site as well! So, it can also be used to update your status on Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn and Identica all at once. Links are automatically shortened and there’s even a character counter. You can pick and choose which sites the updates will be updated to.

There are many sites out there that do each of the services that Dlvr.it offers but you usually have to use a couple different sites to accomplish them. Dlvr.it offers everything together on one site and with ease along with a great UI. Too bad it didn’t come along sooner.

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