Monthly Archives: March 2010

Mar 25

Blogging Then And Now

By Sharon Hurley Hall | Blogging

If you were starting a new blog today what’s the first thing you would do? I’ve just started a new blog and I started thinking about the difference between my first blog and this one. Here are some of the things I looked at. Then I bought a domain, tying it vaguely to some of […]

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Mar 23

Caution: Too Much Can Stunt You.

By BenSpark | Blogging

Is it possible to read too many blogs? When thinking of what to talk about for this blogging post I began to panic because I was not coming up with any ideas. I thought that I’d go and read a few blogs from my feed reader including my list of virtual mentors. Virtual Mentors […]

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Mar 21

Tighten Those Blogs Up

By Rob Starr | Blogging

When you look through a sample of all the content that’s being written on the Internet there are a few things that you’ll notice and one of the first is there’s a lot of bad writing out there. It even makes sense because you don’t need any real training to get involved with a blog […]

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