Build Your List with Squeeze Theme

WordPress is most widely known as a popular blogging platform, but it is actually a full-featured content management system. This means that you can use it to power a wide range of different websites. For marketing purposes, you may want to use it for a so-called “squeeze page.”

Approaching this specific application is the appropriately named Squeeze Theme. This is a WordPress template that was designed specifically to build your lists by “squeezing the email addresses out of your visitors.” Coming from the fine folks at Unique Blog Designs, Squeeze Theme has quite the pedigree to uphold.

What is a Squeeze Page?

Since Squeeze Theme is marketed as the “squeeze page creation tool for WordPress,” the first thing you may want to know is the definition of a squeeze page.

In short, it is a web page that was designed with one very specific purpose in mind: to get the email address of a visitor. This email address can be used for any number of different marketing purposes.

A Theme with Versatile Layouts

While some other WordPress themes are designed to give you only one style of layout, Squeeze Theme can be configured to provide many different kinds of templates. It can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

Going through the control panel, you can use the built-in color picker, embed sales videos, include e-book cover images, pick different fonts, and more.

To see some of the different possibilities, check out the test drive page on the Squeeze Theme website. The first image in this post is perhaps one of the more robust designs, whereas this second image is much simpler in scope.

Interestingly, the entire Squeeze Theme site itself was built using Squeeze Theme. This shows that while the theme caters to gathering email addresses, it can be altered to suit different needs as well.

A Revamped WordPress Dashboard

The theme goes beyond the pages that your website visitors will see. Squeeze Theme actually provides its own main options panel that can be accessed through the regular WordPress dashboard.

This is supposed to make for an easier user experience, but the control panel can still be overwhelming for novices. The main options tab has no fewer than five sub-tabs, not to mention the multiple options for appearance, form settings, tracking codes, header settings, and so on.

Beyond that, there are three other tabs for advertising options, SMO options, and SEO options, further adding to the robustness of the main options panel. This can be daunting, to say the least, but it does speak to the power that Squeeze Theme can offer.

How Much Does It Cost?

The regular retail price for Squeeze Theme is $147, which includes the multi-use license.

Strangely, the $247 bundle price for Squeeze Theme with Sales Page Theme doesn’t add up, since Sales Page Theme sells for $97 on its own. You can save $3 by buying them separately. You could opt for the biggest bundle ($377), though, which includes Sales Page Theme, Squeeze Theme, and Affiliate Theme.

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