Use LastPass for password management and peace of mind

Bloggers are people with a rich online life. Bloggers need to have an account on many sites that they use and frequent on a daily basis. The need for strong passwords is too well-known to be elaborated here. You cannot run the risk of having the same password on more than one site and what is more you should not choose simple passwords because you can easily remember them. Your blogging can be jeopardized if your login id and passwords are compromised in any way. The internet and blogosphere is full of horror stories of accounts and blogs being hacked for carelessness on the part of account users.


Put simply, you need a tool that will manage your passwords among other things. LastPass does just that. What is more, it is free (read priceless).

LastPass can do so much for you. The following is an indicative (not exhaustive) list of things that it can do for you and aid your online life, online business and blogging:

  • You don’t have to remember or note innumerable passwords. Just remember one master password to access the LastPass vault and the rest is professionally taken care of by LastPass. Your sensitive data is encrypted and only your master password can unlock it.
  • Generate secure passwords; choose tough combinations from numbers, letters, special characters.
  • You can set up multiple profiles and do automated filling of web forms on various websites. Get one click login to your favourite sites.
  • It is easy to use, safer, multi-platform (Mac, Windows, Linux), free and secure. The LastPass premium version (for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows mobile etc.) costs only 1 $ per month.
  • Among other things, you can save and sync passwords between your browsers, easily import and export data (from and to other password managers), safely share logins with friends, screen keyboards and one time passwords (to protect you from key loggers), identify weak passwords (“bulletproof your online life” with the LastPass comprehensive analysis of your passwords) and stay secure the LastPass phising protection.
  • It is a must-have Firefox extension. “Awesome tool, life saver,” says a review of LastPass. Use it to know why everybody  who uses it loves it.

LastPass is the 46th item in the PCWorld’s 100 best products of 2009. It has also been applauded by Lifehacker, ZDNet, PC Mag editors, the Economist, CNET and other reputed entities. Your can see the complete set of support screencasts on their website before embracing it to get an idea of the utility. You can also follow the LastPass blog for updates on LastPass and passwords scams and issues on the internet.

Embrace LastPass for peace of mind! 🙂


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