Diving Deep into the Templates Box

For most people, designing a custom design template can be more trouble than what it’s worth. It takes so much time to put together a decent-looking website and that’s why it’s so much easier if you can have something ready for you out of the box. At the same time, you also recognize that there is no such thing as one size fits all. You want some variety.

To give you more variety right out of the box, you may want to divert your attention over to the Templates Box. This online directory promises a good range of free and premium web templates for building a successsful web business.

Premium Templates of All Shapes and Sizes

As you make your way around the Templates Box library, you’ll find quite the variety of site templates for you to consider. These range both in type and style.

In addition to regular site templates, you’ll also find that Templates Box has full Flash sites available for sale as well. Further still, they have PowerPoint templates, Word templates, and even templates for logo design too.

For each of these, you are initially offered a small thumbnail. Clicking through to the template’s individual page, you are shown the source files available. For instance, most full site templates will sell with the PSD files, HTML files, CSS files, and font files. On the same page, you can see a full quality sample and some low resolution samples.

From Christmas to Military

It doesn’t really matter which niche you are trying to approach with your website, because it seems that Template Box has a template that suites your industry. Again, going to the left sidebar for the categories, you can look at everything from cars to computers, agriculture to religion.

Sampling the Swimming Site

While the primary image reminds me more of the Nirvana album cover than the pool, the swimming school template is fairly indicative of what you can expect from Templates Box. There is a clean navigation bar along the top of the page, an eye-catching image in the center, and three columns of content in the bottom.

You have one of two options should you want a template like this. For the swimming site template, you can access the premium template section of Templates Box for $39. Alternatively, you can purchase the exclusive rights to the template for $600, not including anyone who has already downloaded the template to date.

Why Advertise for the Competitor?

The site templates offered through Templates Box are reasonably well-designed and there is a good variety for you to consider. The exclusive rights price is a little rich, but that’s the price you pay for having something unique.

Where I disagree is with the placement of Google AdSense (and other advertising) on the site. From what I can gather, Templates Box operates primarily as an online store; why would you send your visitors elsewhere for a 10-cent click when you can capitalize on a $600 purchase? This would be like Coca-Cola running Pepsi ads on its site.

Link: TemplatesBox.com

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