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Get Backlinks from Every Tweet

Posted by on 15th Feb 2010 | 30 comments

I was looking at where my blog traffic comes from and I’ve noticed something interesting. Google is not the top referrer to my blog. My top referrer is actually Flickr which would make sense because, with my Photo-A-Day project, I post to Flickr every single day. With each uploaded photo I add a link from Flickr to my blog. That is something I do manually and it can take some time on my part, not a lot of time but some time.

What if you could get tons of backlinks doing something you do many times a day anyway?

I’m talking about TweetBrand. This free download that runs on Adobe Air allows you to determine the “via” link under your tweet. Look at your standard twitter programs like TweetDeck, HootSuite, Tweetie and Seesmic. Each one of those programs includes a link back to itself each time you use the service. So you are driving more traffic to these programs each time you tweet rather than driving traffic to your blog.

With TweetBrand you can determine not only the url that you want to link to, but you can define the keywords to drive traffic back to your blog with each and every tweet. For example, I set up my TweetBrand to link to BenSpark.com and I’ve branded it BenSpark’s Photo-A-Day. I’m certainly not an SEO expert and I’m sure I could have named it better, but the fact remains that the tweets are branded as I determine, not as those services brand your tweets.

I usually have both TweetDeck and TweetBrand open. I look for tweets to interact with on TweetDeck and then write out my response tweets and send them through TweetBrand. Is it elegant, no not at all, but it is worth that one little step to get more links for my blog.

Everyday Photos… Every… Day… BenSpark.com is about my life through photography. Each image is a gateway to a story about my daily life. Occasionally funny, inspiring, interesting or creative BenSpark.com is real life in photos. With over 1850+ consecutive days and five different cameras BenSpark.com has documented images from the mundane to the amazing. I am Blog Consultant, Photo-A-Day Photographer and Daddy Blogger.

30 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Barb on 15th Feb 2010

    This is awesome! I use TweetDeck also and I'm on my way to download TweetBrand now. Thanks for the post.

    • Posted by BenSpark on 15th Feb 2010


      That is great, there is a pay option called Market Me Tweet, I wrote about that on my blog too. I'll be downloading that soon too.

  • Posted by Kaye on 15th Feb 2010

    Thanks for an excellent tip. I'll give it a try :)

    • Posted by BenSpark on 15th Feb 2010


      Glad to hear it. I hope you like it.

  • Posted by Brian on 15th Feb 2010

    Unfortunately this crashes every time I try to select my account. Might need to update Adobe Air.

    • Posted by BenSpark on 15th Feb 2010


      I think an upgrade is in order, I haven't had it crash on me ever and I've been using it for a couple of months.

      • Posted by Brian on 15th Feb 2010

        I updated Air and now the crash is merely a freeze. It does say "Update Available" at the top, but it just takes me to the pay version's page.

        • Posted by BenSpark on 15th Feb 2010


          I'm sorry to hear that. It is very strange. I run the software on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP and it works on each with no problems.

          • Posted by Brian on 15th Feb 2010

            Yeah, it is very strange. I've gone ahead and issued a support ticket. I tried re-installing TweetBrand and now I can't even change my Consumer Key/Secret or Twitter login details in the program. Not sure what's going on.

  • Posted by Brian Inman on 15th Feb 2010

    I use Twitpic. I am going to have to see if it works the same way otherwise I am going to have to switch to one of these you mentioned.

    • Posted by BenSpark on 16th Feb 2010


      Does Twitpic brand your tweets? I'm not following how Twitpic enters into the equation? Please let me know further about twitpic. I use it but not that often.

  • Posted by VictoriaAnn Design on 16th Feb 2010

    Wow thanks for this I didn't know it existed – looks really good I'm definately going to give it a try.

    • Posted by BenSpark on 16th Feb 2010


      No problem, they even have a pay version called Market Me Tweet that is more robust.

  • Posted by Ichigo on 16th Feb 2010

    Thanks for this tip :) i'm going to give it a try too.

    • Posted by BenSpark on 16th Feb 2010


      That is great, enjoy, let me know how it goes for you.

  • Posted by K. Praslowicz on 16th Feb 2010

    You jumped my mind again into undergoing a project where I add links to the bottom of every photo I have uploaded on Flickr. I've been meaning to do it, but never actually executed on the idea.

    I just did a cross reference of my Flickr stats vs my Blog's analytics. My photos on Flickr have half as many page views as the pages on my blog. Huge potential traffic that haven't I been utilizing. I think I know what I'll be doing for most of the night.

    • Posted by BenSpark on 16th Feb 2010


      Good for you. I'm happy to help stimulate an idea and move you to action. There is such a potential from sites like Flickr and Picasa and many others.

  • Posted by K. Praslowicz on 16th Feb 2010

    Oh yeah. And I'll definitely be grabbing tweetbrand as well.

    • Posted by BenSpark on 16th Feb 2010



  • Posted by Daniel Bates on 16th Feb 2010

    If you're talking about the link on your twitter page, than you're not getting any love from google in terms of SEO – those are no follow links, so it doesn't matter how good your anchor text is, google isn't transferring SEO. Now you might be getting a little more traffic, but just wanted to clear up that there isn't any SEO advantage to this. If you're using any type of twitter widget it also is probably using a framing or javascript code, so once again traffic, but no SEO

    • Posted by BenSpark on 16th Feb 2010

      Thanks for Clearing that up Daniel. I did state that I am no SEO expert. The additional links are good though because it is just one more way that people can find you, organically.

  • Posted by Film-Book dot Com on 16th Feb 2010

    I'll give it a try. Nice post.

  • Posted by Akshay Kakkar on 17th Feb 2010

    But what is the link to download it? :?:

  • Posted by Blogging Tips on 17th Feb 2010

    Awesome.I never tried this.But I think I should give a try now.Thanks for sharing

  • Posted by Iphone Application D on 17th Feb 2010

    Well that's really great. Sometimes this thing comes in my mind that from different places people are tweeting. What's the reason behind that so now i get to know that why people are doing this.

  • Posted by Rıfat özkan on 18th Feb 2010

    This is awesome! I use TweetDeck also and I’m on my way to download TweetBrand now.

  • Posted by Blogger Template Pla on 20th Feb 2010

    nice post dude. Thanks :razz:

  • Posted by gareth on 2nd Feb 2011

    Thanks for the tip will give it a go.

  • Posted by security-systems-uk on 7th Apr 2011

    Cool, i will try using tweet brand for my security site and see how it works. cheers for the tip!