4 Ways To Check Your Twitter Statistics

By Charnita Fance | Social Media

Feb 12

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a tweet asking if I knew a way that he could find out tweet frequency and history. He had apparently been hit by the “inflated tweet count” issue that has been going around for awhile now (as you can see by the 101 pages of comments on the Twitter blog regarding the issue). Though I didn’t know a site off hand, I know that I have come across quite a few in the past and figured that these would surely come in handy for others as well. If you know of any others, please feel free to add them in the comments section.


This is the site that my Twitter friend used to get an accurate number of tweets he had posted, as opposed to 27,000! It gives you seven different statistic graphs: tweet timeline, tweet density, aggregate daily tweets, aggregate hourly tweets, replies to, interface used and who you RT. All you have to do is enter your Twitter username and click on “Graph My Tweets” to get started. Depending on how many total tweets you have, this could take a few minutes. You can also view your tweets as a tweet cloud and view follower stats.

Graphs for TweetStats.


Here’s a site that has really evolved since it first began. It mainly used to be used for getting a chicklet to display your Twitter follower count on your blog and/or website. Now, you can get all kinds of great statistics there. To do so you’ll need to “add yourself” via Twitter OAuth. Once logged in you can choose to have your stats delivered to you on a weekly basis. They also offer numerous additional features besides just statistics; it would benefit you greatly to check them out. In the statistics are you can view detailed graphs pertaining to your followers, who you’re following and your tweets. For each graph you can change it to see stats for the last week, last month or last 3 months.

Graphs for TwitterCounter.


This site is pretty straightforward; simply enter your Twitter username and click “Go”. There’s not really any fancy graphs, but you can see a chart that shows you how many friends, followers and updates you’ve had by date. If your stats are not up to date, clicking the “Crawl My Stats” button should help; this can be done once a day. You can also see your rank on Twitterholic and your rank for your specific location.

Graphs for Twitterholic.

Twitter Analyzer

They claim to be the “most advanced Twitter analytic system in the world”. Well, I’m not sure about that but it is very simple to use; just enter your Twitter username and click on “Analyze”. From there, you can view a ton of different information. You can view your daily tweets rate, daily chats rate, daily popularity rate, daily exposure rate, Most popular subjects, most popular hashtags, most popular links and most popular apps. Next to each graph you can also see the top tweets associated with that category.

Graphs for Twitter Analyzer.

What tool do you use to track your Twitter stats?


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MattRogowski February 12, 2010

TweetStats is the best by far.

Vivek February 12, 2010

i know only twitter counter. thanks for adding 3 more in my list

Harris February 12, 2010

Nice list of twitter count and stats. And some twitter tools list that makes us easy to get and send tweets. One is tweetdeck.

Sudeep February 12, 2010

Hey love this list especially tweetstats is the master in this group.

Jason February 12, 2010

You can check http://dailyrt.com/profiles to see how many retweets you've gotten and who all has retweeted you.

Rinaldi Syahran February 13, 2010

don't have any of tools that to track my twitter stats.

bee February 13, 2010

for FB..?? 🙂

Michael Delpierre February 14, 2010

Good find! I have been using Monitter and have been looking for a more comprehensive solution for measuring twitter metrics. Thanks for the heads up!

Themepremium February 14, 2010

I personally use Twitter counter because its easy to use and another reason I have been using it for long 🙂

Adeline Tay February 24, 2010

There is Twitalyzer! Easy to use and pretty interesting indicators they have 🙂 The above tools are really interesting. I have tried the websites out and posted the findings on my blog. Thanks for the informative post!

Hunting games September 7, 2010

I first used twitterholic and now I'm using tweetstats. I personally think tweetstats is much easier to use so that's my favorite.

God December 15, 2010

Sounds cool! I def checked em out and there a great tool. Follow me, ill follow back @followthebeats
My recent post followthebeats- @Lastar-Rushon ok cool let me know

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