Think You have Nothing to Say, Think Again.

I’ve been blogging for seven years. Over that time I have talked with many people about blogging. When I talk to people who are even slightly interested in blogging for themselves I inevitably run into the same argument. “But, I have nothing to write about.” I personally think that is a terrible argument. Everyone has something that they are truly passionate about and could talk for days about that subject. To prove that you can blog about anything and still provide value I submit this example of a perfectly good blog post on the topic of saving money.

My wife and I started working on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University three weeks ago. In that time we have cancelled three inactive credit cards, a line of credit and we’ve paid off one of our active cards. We went to the cash based system and it changed our perspective so much. I found myself clipping coupons with such fervor and excited about finding deals. I found a great deal at CVS.

Gillette Fusion Ad

I use the Gillette Fusion Razor. I usually shave with the same blades for a long, long time because the blades are so expensive. Gillette is smart and they sell you a cheap razor and then they get you with the cost of the blades. Blades are what hit you in the money belt. A new razor however is not at all expensive and you can usually find good deals on them. I clipped a coupon for $4.00 off a new MVP Fusion razor from the Sunday paper. CVS had a sale on a new MVP Fusion razor of $4.00 off if you use the Extra Care Card. So, because I used my clipped coupon and my Extracare card I got a new razor and two new blades for only $.99. The cost of those two blades, if I bought a 4 pack ($15.49), would have been $3.87 each. So, with a little coupon clipping and planning I saved myself $6.75.

In this little post about my mundane life I did a few things.

Establish Credibility
My wife and I are working on becoming debt free and we are looking for ways to save money. We’ve already started eliminating our debts.

Tell A Story
Our lives have been changed by going to cash only, we now look very hard for deals.

Offer Value
I told my readers how to save $6.75 and get some decent razor blades with a tiny bit of work and planning.

For my friends who think they cannot blog because they have nothing to say; look again. Look at what is happening around you. Look at what you love. Look at what you spend time and money working on. Take that and follow the three little steps above and you easily can blog about that topic. Keep it simple, clean and accessible to your audience.

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