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By Kristen Nicole | Blogging

Jan 25

For bloggers and other fields that allow for home office bases, self-discipline is a necessity. There are tons of books and articles that will give you tips and tricks for how to streamline your work day and become more efficient with your time. I’ve read a couple of them, and they can be helpful. But they often give very broad ways in which you can organize your time.

For bloggers in particular, I’ve found that there is a unique combination of research and concentration (writing) time needed in order to complete their tasks. Organizing your day around these specific needs can be a matter of trial and error. An while I’m no expert, I do have a few things I’ve learned from personal experience that may be of help to other bloggers.

Select article topics the night prior.

This would be akin to picking out your outfit the night before. While your home office may keep you from having to get ready quickly in the morning, the concept of having a clear mind is still important for the process of starting your work day. Instead of stressing over what you’re going to write about for the day, you’ll wake up to a few ideas that you can work with. This not only saves you time, but it minimizes the level of stress you may encounter with having to initiate the process of beginning your work every day.

If you’d rather have the “day off” approach, try writing your articles the night prior as well. Both of these prep options may be dependent on the type of blogging you do, but any non-time sensitive content you can do ahead of time will make your regular work that much easier to do.

Download mobile apps…

…and learn how to use them without being rude around others. Mobile apps can help you to stay at work without being in an office or at home. These mobile apps, from feed readers to blogging platforms, can do pretty much everything you need these days. The biggest benefit of these types of mobile apps is that you always have the opportunity to get some work done, freeing up at least some of your time to have a more flexible day.

But getting carried away with mobile apps can sometimes make you less efficient over all. If a mobile app is cumbersome or falls victim to slower download times over a 3G network, you may be better off saving that task for later when you’re back at the computer. Additionally, staying on your phone the entire time you’re out and about defeats the purpose of leaving your work desk all together. Utilize apps with push notifications, automated features and email integration to ensure that some of your time away from the office will remain untethered to your phone.

Schedule tasks around your favorite TV show.

I don’t mean that you should get all of your work done before your favorite television is scheduled to come on. I mean that some tasks can be accomplished with the television on. Responding to comments on your blog articles, for instance, is likely something you can handle while watching TV.

Associating certain work tasks with an activity you enjoy gives you something to look forward to on any given day, and will make you more likely to accomplish all of your tasks. Instead of moaning and groaning about those little things you have left to do, pull up that DVR’d episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia and get your multitask on.


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Anthony V. Gibby January 25, 2010

Nice! I need to pick up the habit of choosing my blog topic the night before, because everything you mentioned I have done.

    Kristen Nicole January 25, 2010

    Awesome! I've found that the simplest things make the biggest difference.

      Anthony V. Gibby January 26, 2010

      oh yea, and to make things a little clear. When i said "everything you mentioned I have done"… i was talking about all the stressing, and not knowing what to. So I meant the negative stuff. But I'll get it together. =]

All recipes January 26, 2010

I always plan the night before..

I am currently managing 5 blogs and that eats up pretty much all my time. :mrgreen:

Hobbies January 26, 2010

Don't know about others, but I often find it difficult to write with TV on. Writing for me is quite a lonely process then anything be the topic!

Hobbies January 26, 2010

Don’t know about others, but I often find it difficult to write with TV on. Writing for me is quite a lonely process then anything be the topic!

Jom January 26, 2010

This is indeed very helpful. Working with music on is also wonderful. Try it out. πŸ˜†

Jom Adastico January 26, 2010

Is there any way to speed up my work? :roll:

Beth January 26, 2010

Oh god! I can't imagine working with the TV or music or even other people in the room. Must.Have.Quiet!

Lakhyajyoti January 27, 2010

Nice article.Your design is great.

Movies January 28, 2010

Personally I think writing demands a bit of space and loneliness. It is slightly difficult to write with TV on. Though many people can do but then, I guess they are seasoned pro.

John Zemler January 29, 2010

Thank you for this post.

I find that having topics laid out the night before works well for me, especially if I am write a series. I recently wrote a series on Anger and PTSD and once I decided on that topic I had a few days writing and posting in the bag.

I find that it is not hard to write, it is primarily hard to get started. Always one more website or newspaper to read, etc. So I will task orient myself, get up, grade five papers, do two chores, then sit down and write the blog essay.

Your observation on apps is very cogent: don't be rude and time lost downlaoding may really cost you.

Thanks for your essay! Semper Pax, Dr. Z

Neal Winfield February 1, 2010

Great article, I subscribe to the plan your articles the night before, it works great for me. I get up early, at about 6.30 put in an hours work,walk the dog and plan the rest of my morning and am finished the hard yards by lunchtime leaving me time for a afternoon sleep, watch a DVD or read and I then put in a couple more hours around 4pm. Job done.

Mokibobolink February 1, 2010

Great article. I've been working on organizing my time since launching a second blog and found this very helpful. Another thing I do is make a list the night before so I know what my goals are when I get up, then I add to it throughout the day. Anything not done by the end of the day, goes on the next day's list. πŸ˜‰

Fran Civile February 1, 2010

I like your suggestions about preparing for the next day the night

before… it actually compares to knowing where you've got to go if

you're leaving the house when you get up!

One thing I can do while watching TV is organize my documents, downloads etc..

Thank you for a good read,

Fran_C :)

    kablotv October 4, 2010

    thanks for article
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Sue H February 1, 2010

πŸ˜‰ Thanks. I enjoyed the article and many of the comments. Haven't been able to get myself on a regular schedule for blogging. Will work to do better.

Anthony V. Gibby February 7, 2010

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Chris October 28, 2010

I do almost my hole work with my TV on. It can be difficult to concentrate sometimes, especially when my favorite shows are on, but it's more difficult with the TV off. I know, it's a bad habit… but hey, no one is perfect.
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