Theme Forest Make Amends

Last week I spoke about the problem I had with Theme Forest. Specifically, the theme I purchased wasn’t working correctly and neither the theme designer nor Envato support were answering my emails.

Thankfully, the issue has now been resolved. Chris Wallace was away for a few weeks so wasn’t able to reply to customers. He has posted an updated zip file on Theme Forest. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work. Though at the very least it’s a good sign that he’s working on it. Hopefully he fixes these issues soon.

As I mentioned in my original post, my main problem was with Envato as they were not not responding to my support tickets. This morning I got an email from someone called Jordan from Envato Support (no last name was given). He has refunded the $25 I deposited via PayPal. In addition, he has credited my Theme Forest account with $15.

Jordan explained that the lack of replies was due to a technical issue:

Regarding our lack of communication on this issue, it appears that human error and a technical issue are the reason you have not had a response since Aaron initially responded to your ticket, allow me to explain. On the 5th of January, you sent us your initial email indicating a fault with the theme you had purchased, approximately eight hours later you received a response from our support staff member Aaron, asking you which version of WordPress you were using.

At this point your ticket was put on hold pending your response. Our system did not record a response again until the 7th of January (which I have quoted below for your reference), in this response you indicated your dissatisfaction at the level of Support you received.

What is concerning, is that beneath your most recent email were copies of what appears to be previous emails that you sent us, answering the initial question which Aaron asked you on the 5th of January and then two additional follow up emails on the 6th.

Our system has no copies or record of these additional emails – I am not sure what could have gone wrong here, but it means we didn’t know that you had answered us until the 7th as we never received your previous communications. Unfortunately on the 7th when the situation could have been resolved, your ticket was closed by one of our newest Support staff who is still training, meaning the issue didn’t get looked into. For this mistake, I apologise and I would like to assure you that it will be followed up appropriately.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran blogger, good support is an essential part of any product or service purchase. Therefore I am pleased that Theme Forest have made amends in this situation. Hopefully this experience was just a one off and not the norm for Envato customers. Their gesture towards me might suggest that the former is true 🙂



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