How to fix the missed schedule bug in WordPress 2.9

WordPressYesterday (December 31st), there were 3 posts scheduled for BloggingTips, all of which had been written and set to publish using the WordPress schedule feature. One from myself, Sharon Hurley Hall and Patti Stafford.

Unfortunately, none of the posts published at the times they were supposed to. I checked the post area in WordPress and I got the message ‘Missed Schedule’. I had never came across this before and assumed that my server had been down for a while. So I set Sharons post to publish within a few minutes to see if it would go online. I checked a few minutes later and once again the post didn’t publish.

I did a search on the WordPress forums and quickly found out that this was a bug in WP 2.9. I didn’t update WordPress to the latest version until yesterday so it never happened before now. Another two bugs were also found in this version.

Apparently, the bugs have been fixed in WordPress 2.9.1 beta. However, I decided to install this bug fix from Semiologic. You simply need to upload the 3 files to your wp-includes folder and overwrite the corresponding files. I installed this myself and everything seems to be working ok so I would personally recommend this over the beta version, however feel free to install the beta version if you wish (and let us know if it fixes the problem).

Good luck,


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