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Is Building a Tribe That Important?

I ask this question in the subject line because I’m not sure I know the answer. Most blog posts should give something to the reader, but I’m going to step out of the box here and ask for the reader’s advice and opinion. It’s been my experience that if the writer (blogger) doesn’t know the […]

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Seesmic Look: Miles of Style, Inches of Practicality

Seesmic already makes two of the best and most powerful downloadable Twitter clients available, Seesmic Desktop and Seesmic Windows, as well as one of the best-loved Web-based clients, Seesmic Web. All three, however, are very traditional Twitter clients with familiar columns and features. They are powerful and work well, but they can be intimidating to […]

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Cut Twitter Clutter With Feedera

If you’re anything like me you may sometimes suffer from social media overload. It can get particularly bad on Twitter where you may be following hundreds or even thousands of other users. Twitter lists do a great job of helping you to focus on content from the users you care about but unless you’re on […]

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Now Where Did I Put Those Parentheses?

If you’re like me, parentheses can pose a challenge for your writing, especially if they come at the end of the sentence. Today we’re going to discuss the basic rules and how to punctuate within parentheses and at the end of sentences. Parentheses are basically used to separate nonessential information from the rest of your […]

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