The Christmas Controversy as Your Blogging Platform

Thinking of blogging about the Christmas season? With the big day just over a week away, it’s an extremely prominent topic in more ways than one. From religion to retail (in some cases these are one and the same), Christmas takes over a good month of our year, dominating every corner of our culture.

But we’re America. A melting pot of races and rituals, right? As such, the debate over Christmas’ ability to take over the decorating, the songs and the holiday greeting cards seems a little unfair to those that celebrate the season in different ways. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and several other traditions are hailed during the month of December. And every December, we see a new wave of controversy over who can use Christmas paraphernalia and whether or not it’s appropriate in given situations.
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And for all these reasons, Christmas makes a great topic for you to blog about. Being in the midst of the holiday makes it a relevant topic to discuss, as the holiday takes center stage in our personal lives as well as our media coverage. If you tend to blog about current events, there’s no avoiding the Christmas topic.

If you’re one to remain politically correct in the bulk of your blogging, then you may want to avoid blogging about Christmas all together. If anything, blog about the holiday season. But as a true blogger I encourage you to tackle topics that may seem as though they need to be handled with kiddie gloves. A little good-hearted debate can really get some discussions going around an article that stirs up the pot.

We’ve spent the past two decades seeking out every subjective aspect of our culture and reinstituting it as a politically correct maneuver. That’s all fine and well–as a nation the mere ability to be self-introspective enough to allot change on that level is a major undertaking, despite its tactics towards various methods of control. With Christmas carrying such sentiment, however, it remains a hot button every holiday season.

This year’s controversy over the use of Christmas-specific paraphernalia has reached new heights, with some groups requesting that all holiday-related decorations be removed from public arenas, such as schools. A little harsh–Christmas is still a huge tradition and is widely celebrated in America. But the topic boils down to the separation of church and state nonetheless. Remember the root cause of our current and livid debate should you feel bold enough to tackle this topic in a blog article.

Be sure to also keep your audience in mind. There is the audience you currently have, and the audience you’re going after. Try not to completely abandon your existing audience with any controversy you’re looking to stir up, and recognize that deliberately using a controversial topic in order to gain attention can bring a mixture of readers that may or may not be ideal moving forward.

No matter the reasons you decide to blog about the Christmas controversy, it’s still important to remain true to yourself. Recognize that you share your thoughts as a blogger, relaying a certain energy onto the blogosphere that can be accessed by nearly anyone at any time (as long as your content is published). Using this as an opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted pundit should be your primary goal, regardless of the topic you’ve chosen.


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