Using Twitter’s Recommended Apps to Get Ahead

twitter appsThird party Twitter apps often have a destination site of their own–a landing page where you can interact with the app and your account there. As a blogger you can use this to your advantage by seeking placement on these sites of third party Twitter apps. Many of them include a recommendation system, displaying tweets and users relevant to their app. As others on Twitter utilize these apps, they will also be more likely to come across your profile and subsequent tweets if you become a recommended user on the apps’ sites.

A recent report from Twitter shows that 50% of Twitter activity comes through its apps. Half of all Twitter users don’t even go to their actual Twitter profile. They interact with the whole of their Twitter account using just third party apps. One could be for listening to and tweeting about music. Another could be for organization of their followers. Another yet could be a search engine and a ranking system for finding Twitter’s cream of the crop.

Whatever the case may be, various Twitter apps offer you as a blogger the opportunity to become recommended on any given niche app. Seek out those that best pertain to your own blogging needs. Find apps that can be easily associated with your blog content, or align best with the needs of your professional blogging.

Another factor to consider is the popularity of the app. Seek out those apps that have already gained enough user activity to make it worth your while. Being recommended on an app with little traction is less likely to yield you good traffic increases to your Twitter profile or your site. Go to the apps that are being used by a great number of users, if they offer any other levels of interaction. TwitPic, for example, enables you to view photos of other users, and leave comments as well.

One good way in which you can find the apps that are most likely to give you a good return for the amount of time and money you put into increasing your visibility is to see which apps are recommended from Twitter itself. You can typically expect to see a recommended Twitter app on Twitter’s actual site. A link to the Twitter app’s homepage and a definition of what the app does can be seen on the right hand side of nearly any Twitter page.

Twitter also recommends apps through its blogs and other comments from Twitter employees. Seeing what they use is a good indication of what the people at Twitter think about a given app. Check these sources regularly to see which apps may be of higher interest to Twitter.

The reason you should pay attention to the apps recommended by Twitter is because they are the ones that are likely to get the most amount of attention and activity. Becoming leaders in their respective area of Twitter applications, these recommended apps have more opportunities and resources to invest into the application. This gives you as a user an increasingly improved set of features. These features ultimately give you more ways in which to leverage your Twitter account for marketing and branding purposes.


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