Preview of New BloggingTips Themes – Feedback Wanted

BloggingTips Themes PreviewIt’s been a long time we have released any WordPress themes through BloggingTips so I pleased to announce that I have two themes in development for you all.

One theme will be a premium theme and will probably be released for a reasonable price though the second one will be free for all Newsletter subscribers. Both themes are being designed by our friends at Blog Design Studio.

They should hopefully be ready for release within the next week or so. I haven’t named the themes as yet but I thought I would give you all a preview and ask you all for some feedback.

* Note, you can click on any of the preview images in this article to see a slightly larger preview.

Personal Blog Theme

The first design I want to show you is our BloggingTips first premium theme. The theme was designed for specifically for personal blogs though I’m sure it can be modified to suit any website you have in mind.

The sidebar features an area for your picture and a section to give people a brief introduction about yourself. The details can be entered from the themes admin area.

Below that is a social media area, categories, latest posts, latest comments and a blogroll. The theme will be widget ready so it will be easy to change what information you put there.

Personal Blog Theme

The home page shows large excerpts of the latest two articles. Below that is a link to the next 5 latest articles.

The theme will be available in a variety of colours, all of which can be selected through the themes admin area. Blog Design Studio is designing a blue design (shown above), a red design and a black and white one. I am also going to add some more colour options for you all. If you are interested in the theme and have a preference please let me know in the comments area and I will try and add it.

The price of the theme will be affordable though at launch I plan on offering the theme for $9.95 to Newsletter subscribers for 7 days only. So make sure you are subscribed to take advantage of this offer as it won’t be mentioned on the blog again ๐Ÿ™‚

* Note, although this theme isn’t being released through our theme store BlogThemesClub, existing club members will be able to download it for free if they want.

Free WordPress Theme

The second theme I want to show you guys is a work in progress. The coding hasn’t been started yet and the final design may change too. Please bear this in mind with viewing the previews below as there are alignment issues in the screenshot (these will obviously be corrected before release).

Like the previous theme, this design will be widget ready. The name and description of the blog are automatically placed at the top of the blog however this can easily be replaced by an image.

Here is a preview of the home page:

Free WordPress Theme

The one thing I am not too sure about is the featured article area at the top. Do you think it would be better if only one article was previewed or do you think it would be better if the featured article area was dropped altogether?

This second screenshot shows the post itself.

Free WordPress Theme

As you can see from the above image, the featured posts, resources and meta information are displayed directly below the comments rather than being embedded at the bottom of the theme itself.

It’s a good clean theme and will be very easy to modify so I’m sure many of you will find it useful. It’s the kind of colour scheme which tech blogs use a lot though I have no doubt that it will be used in a variety of different niches.

Feedback Wanted

I’d love to hear yours thoughts on the themes mentioned above. I will be releasing more free and premium WordPress themes through BloggingTips in the future. Your suggestions will influence what gets designed so please, make your opinions heard ๐Ÿ™‚



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