Woopra – Affordable Real Time Web Analytics

woopraWoopra, yet another a hosted analytics service, today announced that they are opening their doors for new signups. Until today, you needed a sought after invite code to test out this new service.  Woopra is similar to Google Analytics but provides real time stats and a number of additional features such as the ability to chat real time with visitors to the site. A number of these features are ideal for small to small to medium size blogs.

Woopra is split into two services, a desktop client program and the traditional for web analytics, web server application. Woopra radically decreases the load on network resources by using the power of your desktop to process and  display graphic charts, graphics, and analysis.

Live Chat

The features that I am most interested in are the proactive and reactive chat functionality. You will be able to remotely start chat sessions with visitors, or embed “Click-to-Chat” buttons within a site to accept inbound requests.  This feature will allow webmasters and bloggers to literally break down the virtual wall between visitor and webmaster – for no cost.  There is no installation of software by the visitor.   For bloggers who want to learn more about their visitors and perhaps even be extend their customer service offerings, Woopra will be a great addition to the site.

Real Time

Woopra is bringing live, real-time analytical and site statistical data to the webmaster. Most other free web analytics programs like Google Analytics are updated only once a day. Real time analytics have long been available with expensive Omniture and WebTrends solutions, but Woopra is reducing the wait time for the “little” guys.  Webmasters can track over 40 different statistical events and analytics.


Manage Multiple Blogs

Woopra provides nice integration of for multiple blogs and websites. Through the quick site tabs at the top of the Woopra panel, you have one-click access to your registered blogs and websites.  Even the high end web analytics don’t provide this type of ease for multiple site management.

The Price

So, you were wondering what the catch was?  Well, it’s not a free product so don’t expect to see a mass exodus from Google Analytics.  However, if you have a desire to get better reporting tools, faster data, chat and more, than Woopra is reasonably priced when you consider some of these features sell for thousands of dollars from Omniture and WebTrends.


The basic or free account requires an invitation and I expect those invitations will remain heavily sought after!


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