Mobile Blogging Apps to Keep You In, While You Were Out.

While You Were OutYour blogging does not have to stop just because you have stepped away from your computer. The beauty of mobile phones these days is even those that are not smart phones have the capacity to support mobile browsing and can be used to some extent for blogging purposes.

Typically mobile blogging is utilized by those writers that need to be able to update their blog on a moment’s notice–at conferences or major events. However, the ability to blog while on the go can be a simple update to your online publication. This will help you to maintain the voice of your blog and its regularity.

A simple update from your mobile phone will most likely be shorter than your regular blog posts as well, and this can help break up the monotony of your regular content. Consider it a refreshing opportunity to leverage a different kind of blog post. Below are some tools that will make it simple to keep up with your blog, even while you’re on the go. From keeping up with the news to sharing media with your readers, there are mobile applications to help you cover the gamut.


As a blogger you often need to stay abreast of current events and the ongoing discussions surrounding the news. One of the easiest ways to do this is to stream all of the blogs you read through an RSS aggregator. Bloglines is a good choice because it operates from its standalone website and syncs activity with its mobile counterpart. This way you will never miss a beat, and will not have to waste time with duplicate content.

With a mobile blog reader, you can easily remain caught up with topics that are of interest to you. At the very least, you will be updated about occurrences in your industry and can be prepared to discuss these things in person or in your next blog post. In some cases, you may find yourself inspired to create a blog post on the fly, even if it is only a short commentary regarding the news of interest.


Once you have a topic that interests you, start writing your blog post using the mobile WordPress platform. WordPress works on several different mobile devices, and is especially useful for smart phone users. The WordPress mobile application provides all of the major features you need in order to create, edit and publish your blog article.

The good thing about the WordPress mobile application is that it posts your content directly to your WordPress blog, offering a seamless option for updating your online publication. If your primary concern is this type of seamless integration on an operational standpoint, then WordPress is a great application for you. if WordPress is not the blogging platform you typically use, look to see if there is a mobile application for your blogging platform of choice. TypePad is another well-integrated platform for mobile blogging.


Media is a very important aspect of any publication, and the more easily you can incorporate things like images into your blog posts, the more interested your readers will be. TwitPic is a very simple way to share photos from your phone to your Twitter stream. While this does not have a direct correlation to your main blog, you can set up a sidebar that displays recent TwitPic activity so that some of your blog’s content is still dynamic while you are away from your computer.

The good thing about TwitPic and all the other applications mentioned in this list is that they are easily incorporated into your larger scheme for mobile blogging and social media distribution. That means that much of your activity on one site can be linked to or redistributed through another site or social network. As with any other blog update, the public needs to be made aware of your new content. Having integration options with several sites and networks for mobile applications is a time-saving option for you, as it greatly streamlines the work necessary on a mobile device.


You will need a video-capable phone for this application, so Qik is limiting in this regard. For those that have phones able to support the Qik application, you will find it quite handy. Qik enables you to take videos from your phone and stream them directly to the web. Viewers can watch the live video recording, leave questions and comments and share the video with others.

There is also the option of recording a video and uploading it to the web at a later time. The sharing options for Qik can be set up so that your readers learn about your streaming or pre-recorded video.

The benefit of creating a video from your mobile phone is that you can share your environment in real time. It is perfect for impromptu interviews, demonstrations, and any other instance you would like to capture on video. Such a video can be great for your readers as well. Not only is it interactive and easily shared across networks, but many readers enjoy video blog updates from time to time.


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